Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review by Mel – September 2017

The Birthday Edit

I was so excited for this Month’s Box when I realised that it was their Birthday. I expected something extra special and I am NOT disappointed. I think I have told possibly every female I know to buy this Box this month, it has wowed me that much.
If you have got this far and haven’t bought it yet, be prepared you will be clicking the buy link at the bottom, and if you do not then do we know one another?? Ha ha …
Inside the lid of the box this month it says ‘a whole year more beautiful’, why thank you LF, not that I feel it (blushes).
Sorry I am being silly, it is the sugar from this Lolly…
I unboxed this live as always on the BoXession Facebook group, which can now be watched on our YouTube Channel, or by clicking play below:

How Look Fantastic works?
The difference with this Subscription is they are billed monthly regardless of the length of time you sign up for, so no expensive outlay to get the boxes for less.

  • One off Box – £15
  • 3 Month Subscription – £14.50 billed monthly
  • 6 Month Subscription – £13.75 billed monthly
  • 12 Month Subscription – £13 billed monthly

All of the above prices include P&P. I always like to get a further bargain, so I researched any Cashback offers and found one on TopCashback for £21 cash back if you sign up to a 12 Month Deal. Now if yo deduct that per month my actual cost for this box is £11.25 A MONTH INCLUDING P&P! Bargain !!

THIS MONTH they have an EXCLUSIVE Birthday Edit Offer – ‘ELLEXLF’ will snag you this amazing box for just £10 including postage!!! You would be mad not to buy it at that price, it really is a BARGAIN!!

So What’s in the Box?

  • Christophe Robin Cleansing Densifying Rassoul Paste – 40ml
  • Eve Lom Cleanser & Muslin Cloth – 20ml
  • Hikari Tonya Eye Shadow Quad – FULL SIZE
  • Decléor Hydra Floral Anti-pollution Hydrating Gel-cream – 15ml
  • Illamasqua Gel Sculpt in Silhouette – 4g
  • Look Fantastic Unicorn Eyeshadow Brush
  • Look Fantastic Lollipop by Holly’s Lollies – Elderflower

Contents Value Approx £72
Here I am, licking a Lolly, while typing this review – true story. Not going to lie, probably my favourite item in the Box this month purely as it feels like its my Birthday – no thats next month (28th wink wink). It is taking me longer as I cannot put the thing down, its too yummy!
This is by far my favourite box from LF, I haven’t even had the time to test the items as I have been so very busy this week, but I was very keen to get a review typed up to let you know how impressed I am.
I am trying to choose my Favourite items and I cannot. The unicorn brush is a perfect addition to the box, it is really soft and can be used with the Hikari Eyeshadow Quad.
I have used Cristophe Robin hair products before and they are very high quality.

The Illamasqua contouring gel sculpt possibly may get gifted as I have minimal makeup skills, but it is amazing the Brand, high end and full size!
I just cannot find a bad thing to say, not even a tiny niggle. The whole box is so well put together I feel the need to go and ask them for a job. I could imagine curating this box myself and enjoying every second of it!
My Verdict?
Are you kidding? Buy it, now. It is not even a case of affording it I feel at £10 this will suit all budgets and is kind on all pockets. We all deserve a treat from time to time and this box is guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face!

If you are interested in purchasing this Box, you can do so via the link below …


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