Mum O' Clock Review – September 2017

I was kindly asked to review this wellbeing box by Mum O’Clock by the lovely Christelle. This box is aimed at mums of all ages to help unwind; and promote and make self-care a daily habit. The box retails at £35.95 per month for a rolling subscription, £33.95 for a 3 month subscription, £32.95 a month for a 6 month subscription and lastly £31.95 a month for a 12 month subscription.

Christelle has also given our members an exclusive 50 % off your first box with the rolling plan. Please use the code ‘BOXESSION50’ at checkout. I hope you like the box as much as I did.

As you all know, I recently became a mother for the third time to a little boy 10 weeks ago. With it being my third child it’s safe to say I’m a little tired! I don’t get much me time, so I was really excited to unbox this and see what’s inside.
Items in the Box:

  • Equilibrium Aqua Esse drink – RRP £1.95 FULL SIZE
  • Grace London Embossed Leather Tag – RRP £18 FULL SIZE
  • Elenge Lip Balm and Body Butter – RRP £2.99 and £10.99 FULL SIZE
  • Winter and Rain Feminism in your pocket cards – RRP £5 FULL SIZE

BOX TOTAL = £38.93
The first item I tried was the equilibrium drink. This b12 infused alkaline water focuses on wellbeing; giving antenatal and postnatal mothers a hydration boost. I’m the first to admit I’m awful for staying hydrated enough, and this is not good as I’m nursing my son too. This drink definitely gave me a much needed boost when I was having a really awful day. The drink doesn’t have a taste, it just tastes of water but with the added benefits of b12. It’s alkaline and has no added sugar or flavours. I will definitely be buying this again as I felt it really made a difference to me. This product is also vegan too which is great!!

The next item was the Grace London Luggage Tag. I made a real boo boo on my live video with this; as just before I unboxed I mentioned I don’t like pink! This is just a personal thing, no biggie but it is truly a beautiful item. It is embossed with the quote ‘Take me to the beach’, and it is made of leather. It is a dusky pink, although it’s not really my thing this would make a great gift and could also be multi purpose. A member metioned during the unboxing using it as a baby bag tag, which is a fab idea! It’s also really great to receive something you wouldn’t usually see in a subscription box… so a big thumbs up 🙂
Next is my personal favourite… The Elenge Lip Balm and Body Butter. The Body Butter can also be used on the face which is great. First lets talk about the Lip Balm. I have been using this the last few days, and it has replaced my usual one in my bag. It’s a vegan and cruelty free brand; it contains shea butter and coconut oil and is also infused with vitamin e and contains bees-wax. It has a great smell but I can’t figure out what the scent is?. Next is the Body Butter, it’s a generous size again with a beautiful citrus smell. It contains shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera gel and rose hip oil. The formula is great and non greasy. This is a amazing product and I urge everyone to buy and try this!

Finally the last product were the Winter and Rain feminism cards. These cards set out thought-provoking and inspiring quotes. I’m going to keep these to look at when the kids are driving me mad and I need five minutes to myself to cheer me up. They also have some really funny quotes in there too; a great little idea and definitely a good little pick me up for when you’re feeling blue. They really brought a big smile to my face 🙂
I give this box the thumbs up! It is really well thought out and lives up to the company’s ethos. I enjoyed all of the products. There’s only one tiny little niggly thing for me – the box value was the same as the box price. I’m sure that this isn’t the same every month. I also feel this box would make an amazing gift for a new mother, as they are often forgotten when the baby has been born. I also love the boxes concept and it’s not one I have come across before. I am very tempted to subscribe to see what next month has in store… please remember to use the 50% off discount code if you are going to order! Again a big THANK YOU to Christelle for letting me review this Box, I hope you all enjoyed reading my review…

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