TravelBox @ Generation Jetlag Review by Mel – September 2017

So last month I very luckily was the first ever person to get my hands on a TravelBox, you can view my review for their Launch Box here …

This month’s TravelBox has a Mediterranean and Greek feel… full of treats and trinkets , combined with a nautical Theme.
I had a sneaky feeling that Dee was going to do a theme along these lines when she showed me a couple of pics she had taken on her travels of Korres products. I am a fan of the brand so I am very happy that there are 2 of their items in this box!
As this is a Travel themed box, and incidentally I was off on my Travels (again), I thought I would take the box along with me on my Holiday to the Cotswolds, and I could open it live from my Log Cabin and also spend some time testing out the goodies of course while relaxing and unwinding away from everyday life. Perfect!
If you would like to see my unboxing video for this month’s TravelBox, it has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel …

When I opened the Box, the first thing I noticed was the pretty pale blue tissue paper with white spots, wrapped in a white ribbon. I expected nothing less from Dee than to include a Thank You card. Her writing is the neatest I have seen, and it is a lovely personal touch. The card contains an exclusive discount code which I have noted at the end of the review and has also been published on the ‘exclusive discount code’ section of our Website.
So What’s in The Box?

  • Fish Print Jewellery Dish by Jones Home & Gift – RRP £6.99
  • Starfish Hanging Decoration by Jones Home & Gift – £3
  • Apivita Express Beauty Hair Mask (Orange) Sine & Revitalizing 20ml – RRP £15 FOR 200ml – so worth £1.50
  • KORRES Beauty Cube Jelly Orange Face Mask – RRP £3.53
  • KORRES Nail Colour In Cyan Sea Star – RRP €8 (£7.41)
  • Messinian Spa Shampoo & Conditioner 55ml each – RRP £15.90 for 300ml so worth £5.83 for both
  • OLOVES Chilli & Oregano 30g – RRP £0.78p
  • Zero Candies in Strawberries & Cream – RRP £1.25

Box Value = £30.29
Cost = £14.99 plus £3.99 P&P (£18.98)

This month’s box is DOUBLE the value, which is fab. I personally love it when you are not only getting a box of treats, but also a bargain. I am northern and so this is inbuilt ha ha!
Trying out the Goodies (The Best Bit)
The first thing I was bound to notice was the Face Mask. It is common knowledge by now that I am addicted to them. I love orange scent too so that was a bonus. Dee sent me a message telling me to pop it in the fridge first – which I did. So i got out my bow headband all ready to mask up – and I only went and put the whole cube on my face (not realising it is meant for 2 applications) oops! Ah well, there was definitely enough to spread over. I love these, love the feel, the smell, the brand. A welcome addition to the Box.
My second favourite item is the Jewellery dish – although I have to say I am going to use it as a bedside dish for my partner to put his loose coins, watch and Jewellery on before bed. I love the way there is such a mix of products in TravelBox.
My Third Favourite item weirdly is the Nail Polish. Now I have my own nails, they are very long and they take some serious dedication and the help of a very talented lady (Martyne my Nail Tech) to keep them like this. Although I can’t use this myself as I have gel on my Fingers and Toes permanently, I LOVE the colour. I have had so many boxes, and I usually hate the fact they include Nail Polish as they are usually the rubbish colour that nobody really wants to buy. But the colour of this is Beautiful, I am actually a little bit sad that I will be gifting this in my sisters birthday box. I wasn’t aware that KORRES did Nail Varnish either, so it is a new product discovery for me!
The Zero Candies I have tried before, yet I cannot remember where as I still have baby brain twice over. I have eaten them all with the obvious help of my two boys. I told Joel that these have no sugar in them, he said I don’t believe you! That is a good thing, although I do not know where to source more of them as I am almost sure that I bought the last ones I had from an airport.
The Starfish hanging decoration I am gifting to Michelle as I know that her Bathroom is entirely themed with Sea items. My Bathroom contains glass cabinets with Shoes in! True story! Michelle is a great help to me while I am away on holiday so she deserves it.
I am waiting until after I have been swimming to try the hair mask and Shampoo & Conditioner, as with the chlorine my hair will take a battering no doubt and the extra care will be welcomed. We have been so busy on Holiday we haven’t even had the time to go yet, but they will definitely be used!


What is even more amazing, is that the lovely Dee from TravelBox has given us an EXCLUSIVE 10% off!! using the code ‘boxession10’.

I know that Dee is very keen to ensure that her regular Subscribers are well looked after, and so she designed the VIP programme to incorporate that into TravelBox. Here are the benefits …
VIP Status
This is something that sets this Box aside from the rest… the VIP Treatment…

Bronze VIP Status

This kicks in once you have been a Subscriber for 3 month’s continuously. Your reward is that you receive your Box in the first batch, 5 days before everyone else

Silver VIP Status

6 Month’s continuous Subscription – You will already be receiving perks as a Bronze VIP member. As a Silver VIP you will also get an email shortly after the first of each month asking you to choose one of the items you want to receive from that month’s selection.

Gold VIP Status

9 Month’s continuous Subscription – You’re already benefitting from Bronze & Silver VIP perks – As an added extra you will also receive an additional item in all your future boxes.

Platinum VIP Status

12 Month’s continuous Subscription – You will continue to get Bronze, Silver and Gold VIP perks. Your items will now also get delivered in a deluxe box every month. You will also get an annual “birthday” gift.
My Verdict?
This is only the second Box from TravelBox, yet you would think they had been around for some time. The theme has come together well and the box feels complete. Planning and organisation is key to any business, but the way in which these boxes are curated contain thought and love. I feel that while this continues, the box will continue to attract new subscribers. I am very excited to see what the future brings for TravelBox, and I am honoured to have been asked to review for a second time, Thank You Dee.

If you would like to Subscribe to TravelBox, you can do so via their Website They now also do a TravelBox + Junior girl for £24.99 a month, so your Daughter, Niece, or Granddaughter can also grab a specially curated box designed for younger girls. I have seen one of these on the group and it was so cute! Well worth a buy.

You can also follow them on Social Media for Competitions and Giveaways, one of our members won a Box recently, which is Fab!
Thank you my lovelies for reading, now I am off to enjoy the rest of my Holiday… ciao for now,
Mel xx

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