Simply Argan Mystery Box Review by Michelle – August 2017

Ever since I received some free samples from Simply Argan, I’ve loved the brand. I use at least one argan oil product already everyday as it is such a versatile oil, that’s great to use on your body, nails and even hair. It’s full of anti-oxidants and rich in Vitamin E so amazing for moisturising every bit of you!
You can imagine my excitement when I found out that that the lovely Darren from Simply Argan was sending me their August Mystery Box to review. Darren sent me the female version of their mystery box, but unlike most boxes there is a male version available too. It arrived via Royal Mail Tracked postage, and as soon as I saw and felt the weight of the box, I knew was in for a treat. The black damask print box with foiled gold simply argan logo, oozes class and sophistication.
If you would like to watch my unboxing video, it has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel …

It’s hard to pick what item I received to discuss first, as nestled amongst the jet black shredded paper were so many gorgeous and exciting products. The obvious place to start however is Simply Argan’s signature product, “The Finest Pure Organic Argan Oil” 15ml. Each bottle of this 100% argan oil comes with its own certificate of authenticity (also included in the box), as not all argan oils are 100% pure. I’ve tried this product before and love this stuff, as there are so many uses. I didn’t know however that it can also be used as a bath oil, so I’ll definitely be trying it out this way very soon.
Talking of bath’s my box came with the deliciously fresh smelling Lemon and Ginger bath bomb. This isn’t a product available to buy from the Simply Argan website, but I’m so glad they included it as it fits so well with the other products in the box. I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing bath with this super fizzy bath bomb, and it definitely left me feeling more refreshed. I also love that it had sprinkles on in, I mean who doesn’t like rainbow sprinkles?
My bath was made even more luxurious with the addition the travel sized Argan Gold Body Wash. Part of me just wanted to keep the bottle on the shelf in my bathroom as it is so pretty. It looks like a bottle of molten gold, and has a gloriously sensuous and musky scent. As well as looking and smelling beautiful, it left my skin feeling silky smooth. I’ll definitely be saving this for special occasions as it’s perfect for when you feel you need or deserve to be pampered.
For everyday use, I’ll definitely be reaching for the Moisturising Argan Bodywash. I love the eye catching pink bottle of this full-sized item, and it’s definitely not just about the looks this product. It smells fresh and floral, and produces masses of silky smooth suds in the shower. Even with my incredibly dry skin, I felt like I didn’t need to use moisturiser on all but my driest areas, like my elbows and top of my arms, when I got out of the shower. You really don’t to use much of this at all to get you squeaky clean, so I can see this product lasting me a long time.
As I’ve said, I have horribly dry skin on my upper arms and elbows, so I was thrilled to see the SOS Oil in my box. It’s formulated to “soothe and heal dry, itchy and flaky skin”, and it’s definitely improved the feel of my skin. Initially the tea tree scent was a bit overpowering, but once applied it becomes much milder. It didn’t leave my skin feeling too oily either which is a bonus.
The item I was most surprised with in the box was the Magenta Tinted Argan Oil Lip Balm. Most tinted lip balms I’ve tried before, the colour hasn’t really shown once applied to my lips, and doesn’t stay on for long. I really think Simply Argan need to rename this product as it’s more like a lipstick; the colour is vibrant, and the shimmer is just beautiful. I love the shimmer so much I think it would also be amazing as a highlighter on your cheekbones.
Next has to be the most mesmerising and beautiful item I’ve ever received in a subscription box. I know some people dislike hand sanitisers in sub boxes, but there’s no way could dislike this one! When the bottle says “shake to wake”, it really means it. The nano-particles turns what looks like a dull bottle of hand sanitiser into a beautiful swirling bottle of molten gold. It also smells better than any hand santiser I’ve smelt before. The scent is reminiscent of lemon sherbet sweets and lasts forever on your hands. The nano-particles also mean that you’re left with a very shimmer on your hands.
Both the 100% Argan oil and SOS oil marked with the cruelty free bunny logo, so are great for anyone who loves cruelty free products.
If all this wasn’t enough there were 4 sample sachets in the box. My favourite being the Abre d’or eau de parfum, you’ll just have to watch my unboxing to find out why. All I’m saying is, I’ll definitely be asking for it for Christmas.
What’s in the box?

  • Simply Argan Hand Sanitiser 30ml – £6
  • Magenta Tinted Argan Oil Lip Balm – £12
  • Simply Argan Moisturising Body Wash 250ml – £14
  • Argan Gold Body Wash 30ml – £2.16
  • Simply Argan Oil (100% argan oil) – £12.50
  • Lemon Grass and Ginger Bath Bomb – £2
  • Simply Argan SOS Oil – £18

Samples – Approx £2
Abre d’or eau de parfum
My Wipe spf 25 suncream
Argan Night Oil
100% pure Argan Oil
Total: £68.66 (approx.)
Box Cost: £20
Saving: £30.66 (approx.)

  • £3.49 – Royal Mail Second Class Tracked
  • £3.99 – Royal Mail First Class Tracked
  • Free on UK orders over £40

Darren Simply Argan has given Boxession members exclusive 20% discount when using the code: BoXession20 making it even more of a bargain.

If you’re as impressed with the value and pure beauty of this box as I am, you can buy your own from: . While you’re there, why not take a look at the other gorgeous argan oil products on their website. Also recommend signing up to their newsletter for exclusive discounts and offers straight to your inbox.

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*Please note Argan Oil products may not be suitable for people with a nut allergy*

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