Purrfect Box Review by Jen – August 2017

I was given the opportunity of reviewing a pet subscription box from a wonderful company called Animal Box. I’m lucky to be the owner of two faithful and loving animals who will be forever part of our family, Jess and Rupert. Animal Box provides subscription boxes tailored to our furry friends needs and requirements, based on information provided on registration.
Their Pawsomebox is aimed at our doggy friends, whilst the Purrfectbox is for our kitty companions. I’ve had the privilege of receiving Purrfectbox for Jess, which I will be reviewing for you all. The Purrfectbox has a choice of 3 different boxes, all dependent on the age of your kitty companion. They provide a kitten box, which is applicable from 2 months to 1 year old; an adult box applicable for between 1 and 8 years; a senior box applicable from 8 year onwards.
Purrfectbox is a subscription, which can be purchased on a monthly basis or on a 3/6/12 month plan. It is worthwhile noting that the 3/6/12 month plans are prepaid, therefore whilst you pay upfront for your subscription there are savings to be made, as detailed below. The subscription auto renews, however you do have the option of pausing at any time. Boxes are sent out to subscribers around the 10th of the month, receipt should be between the 15th and 25th of the month.
You can watch my live unboxing Video by pressing play below…


Prices are as follows:
  • Monthly Plan £19.90
  • 3 Month Plan £56.70 saving £3
  • 6 Month Plan £107.40 saving £12
  • 12 Month Plan £190.80 saving £48


So, what’s inside this purrfect box?


  1. Feline Happy Salmon Bites by Mark & Chappell R.R.P. £1.39

Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, these were a delectable favourite for Jess! As soon as she heard the packet being opened she was by my feet, meowing until she was able to try them. A convenient resealable packet ensures these fishy treats stay fresh and crunchy.

  1. Chicken Sticks by les Filous approx £2

These chicken flavoured sticks, with taurine to promote healthy eyes and heart, smelt lovely. They have convenient little marks on the sticks, making it easy to break off bite sized pieces. Unfortunately, Jess didn’t seem overly interested in these. However, Rupert her canine friend, was more than happy to help her eat them!

  1. Paw-Care Stick by Trixie R.R.P. £7.49

 I will be honest and admit I’ve not had the opportunity to trial this product on Jess or Rupert, they’re not lovers of having their pads touched. I recently learnt that one of the most sensitive areas on a cat and dog is actually the pads of the paws, which explains a lot!
I do like the fact that this product can be used on both our canine and feline friends, multipurpose is always a good attribute. The care stick contains natural oils to keep the pads soft, helping to prevent calluses.

  1. Playful Pets Teaser by les Filous approx £6 

This bright yellow toy is a steadfast favourite for Jess. It has catnip to entice her, colourful feathers and bells to stimulate her and encourage play. I love that my children can use the toy in order to encourage Jess to play and interact with them. At 15 years old Jess is very much a senior cat, yet when playing with this toy I see glimpses of her playful nature, which is heartwarming.

  1. Tinsel PomPom Toys (3 pack) approx £2.50

Jess looked rather inquisitively at these toys! They look like mini pom-poms, all sparkly and spongy. We knew instinctively that curiosity would get the better of her, 5 minutes later she was batting them around the kitchen furiously! These will be a favourite for playtimes with the children…once I’ve fished them out from under the fridge!

  1. Springy Tree Toy by Flamingo approx £15

 I’ve saved this item until last as this was the item I was so surprised to find within the box. I’ve looked at something similar to this in the past, yet never actually purchased. The springy tree is covered in a soft material, providing a gentle play area for Jess that won’t hurt her paws. This will provide stimulation for cats of any age, however Jess has seemingly walked past this toy a few times and is still yet to play with it. I personally think this may be due to her age and had she of had this kind of toy when younger she would most certainly of played with it regularly.
The Purrfectbox is a really good variety box for feline companions. The correct balance of treats, toys and care products makes this fantastic value for money. On a supermarket shop I would ordinarily select treats for Jess, however I wouldn’t think to purchase a new toy. This box ensures your feline friend not only receives a food treat but also a toy treat too!
The total value of items in this box is approximately £34.38, which is amazing considering you would pay a total of £19.90 including postage and packaging. That is a total saving of just over £14!
Purrfectbox also state that in each monthly box there will be 6 products, as proven with their August box.

The wonderful people over at Purrfectbox are also offering a £5 discount off your first box when subscribing! Quote the following code in order to obtain this generous discount: ukbeupgf

For any followers interested in learning more about Purrfectbox or wishing to subscribe please see the website addresses below.
Thank you for reading!
Jen x

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