Extra Special Fred's Box Review by Joel (& Mel) – August 2017

Joel has been subscribing to Fred’s Mystery Box since he received one to review back in June, you can see the review for that here:
I received a message from Clare, who is the owner of Fred’s Box, asking if this month instead of receiving our usual Mystery Box would it be ok if she sent us the new Extra Special Box. Of course I said we would love to, and that Joel & I would review it for the BoXession Website as well as live unbox it of course. If you missed Joel’s unboxing Video, you can now watch this on our YouTube Channel… click play below…

How the Extra Special Box Works?

You can choose which Trading cards and Ooshie you want including in the box, and you can even add a Hand Written greetings card for just £2!
These are designed as a one off gift for either Birthday’s or Christmas, and they cost £24.99 plus £2 P&P.

So What’s in the Box?


  • FOOOTY Pack Blue – RRP €12.95 (£11.83)
  • Geistes (Ghost) Blitz Game – RRP £12.99
  • STAR WARS Galaxy in Conflict Book – RRP £4.99
  • Fred’s Box Pencil
  • Despicable Me 3 Trading Card Game
  • Ooshie
  • Fred’s Box Sticker & Postcards

The Value of just the 3 items I can price up come to £29.81, which is more than the cost of the box.

My Favourite item by FAR has to be the FOOOTY, what a fantastic concept… you can not only make a ball with it, but a Frisbee, a rocket, a rugby ball, a star, a cone, juggling balls. I am super impressed with this. You piece the 10 2D pieces together to make a 3D item. It is lightweight and portable and is definitely coming on holiday with us this week!

I had never heard of Geistes Blitz before, at first I thought it was a card game. But looks can be deceiving… it is a family game that tests your reactions and quick wittedness! Now we have not had the time to have a play with this, but we have a log cabin booked and plenty of family time ahead, so we are also taking this on holiday with us to play in the evening.
Joel has already read the Star Wars book, and added the Ooshie and pencil to his growing collection. The trading cards have gone to the massive minion fan of the house who won’t even eat food at the moment unless it has a minion on it! My 2 year old son, Archie.

Joel’s Verdict

Joel’s first response was ”that is bigger than the normal Fred’s Box”, so he instantly knew that more goodies were inside this box. He was very happy to get some new items to test out and is very eager to play the board game.

Mel’s Verdict

I think this is a great idea if you want to take the hassle out of those ‘what do I buy?’ moments. What child doesn’t like opening a box full of treats… I still haven’t grown out of that habit as you all know and I am almost 34!
If you would like to buy one of these Extra Special Fred’s Boxes, you can do so by clicking the link below…
If you would like to Subscribe to the Mystery Box,

You can get a BoXession EXCLUSIVE discount of 20% by using this link http://fredsbox.co.uk/p/special-offer

Here are the links to their Website and Social Media Pages:
Thank you my Lovelies for reading,
Mel x

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