Brick Loot Review by Joel (& Mel) – August 2017

When it comes to Subscription Boxes in our house, I do not joke when I tell you all its a family affair.
My son Joel, who is 9, loves them as much as I do. He has always been a huge Lego fan, I am aside from the obvious standing on the bricks barefoot when I go in to turn off his light at bedtime!! We have visited Legoland and has asked me every day since if we can go back … my partner gives me ‘the look’, you know, the one that says ‘don’t you dare say yes’ ha ha.
Joking aside, his collection is huge! It is something he has always been able to use to express himself, so when the lovely Erin from Brick Loot offered to send a box for us to review I instantly knew he would go crazy for this Box.
I have been asked every day when it is coming… I have been praying for the postman along with the end of the School Holidays! When it arrived, the box clearly marked what it was I almost had to restrain him from opening it!
He had to wait the entire day until evening – this was a long day let me tell you! If you would like to see Joel’s live unboxing on the BoXession YouTube Channel, then all you need to do is click play below…


So what’s Inside the Box?


Exclusive 100% LEGO build – Cool Emoji

Joel loves this! he sat and built it with enthusiasm, he loves emoji’s and LEGO. He said that the instructions were a little tricky in parts but as you can see… he has aced it!!

Head Case & Sticker Sheet

I had to laugh at myself on the live video when I didn’t realise what the stickers were for – stupid moment! This is so cute, he says he will take his mini figures to School in it so that they don’t get broken in his bag. The lid just screws on and off easily and is an idea size for his rucksack. Did someone mention going back to School again???? oh please…

Emoji Case

The only issue we had with this was sore fingers the day after! I did the cool emoji so that we could enjoy some mum and son time, and Joel did the other two. The following day when my partner asked why I was pincer grabbing his bottle of Coke in the restaurant I explained why and Joel said yes, me too! But the result is amazing, it looks so Cool. Again this is a fab product as he has not bought a new one for going back to School yet.

BRICKMOJI exclusive Brick Loot Tile Pack

This was a cute addition to the box, has the emoji heads printed on it.


Joel’s favourite item by far in the box, perfect size for him and we are off on Holiday soon, so he will be packing them in his Suitcase. He has already been wearing them and was asked where he got them from. At this point he has a year long conversation with people about his YouTube Channel ha ha!

Exclusive Art Print by Greg Hyland

Joel loves art prints, he has put this on his Bedroom wall along with others, including some he has drawn himself.

Mr. Brickmoji Minifigure – 100% LEGO

Second favourite item in the box, so he tells me. He quite literally has hundreds of these, including a big storage unit where some are seperated into heads, bodies and so on. He is very happy he has an Emoji man as he has never had one before.


Joel’s Verdict?

Mum, can I buy it again? Other than that being said to me over and over again, he said he really enjoyed the Box. He has been telling all his friends and YouTube followers too. In fact I don’t think I will get away with not mentioning his YouTube Channel … you can follow Joel here …

My Verdict?

I think it is a fantastic box for LEGO addicts, it is really well put together and thought out. The branding of the box is really catching and self explanatory.
The cost of this Box is $27 a month plus $15 Shipping which comes to £32.62 when converted to GBP.
If you Subscribe to 3 Months it brings it down to $25 a month, or 6 months $24.95.
For me the cost of Shipping to the UK is the only downside to this box and if it was not for that then I would subscribe every month. I think it would make a fab gift for a Lego fan when you consider that it is unlikely they will have never heard of Brick Loot as they are USA based.
They ship on the 10th of every month and ours arrived on the 17th so thats pretty fast!
They have a theme every month and some of their past boxes look AMAZING!

If you want to try out Brick Loot, they have given us an exclusive discount code which is ‘BOXESSION10’ for 10% off!
Twitter: @BrickLoot
Thank you as always for reading my Lovelies,
Mel x

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