Beauty12 Launch Box Review by Jen – August 2017

I was given the opportunity of reviewing a brand new beauty box this month, something, which excited me but also scared me in equal measures. Not because it’s a new box, more so because it is a cruelty and vegan free box. I will openly admit that I’ve never really thought previously about my beauty products in that way and wondered if they could rival other leading brands out there.

Now I’ve seen just how good these products are I feel it’s time to share my findings!
Beauty12 is a cruelty free and vegan beauty box, available as a subscription, which can be purchased on a monthly basis or on a 3/6/12 month plan. It is worthwhile noting that the 3/6/12 month plans are prepaid, therefore whilst you pay upfront for your subscription there are savings to be made, as detailed below. Prices are as follows:

  • Monthly Plan £15 + £2.90 postage
  • 3 Month Plan £42 + £8.70 postage saving £3
  • 6 Month Plan £80 + £17.40 postage saving £10
  • 12 Month Plan £155 + £34.80 postage saving £25

Beauty12 arrived on my doorstep wrapped in brown paper and string. It looked simplistic, natural and very in keeping with what their business ethos is all about. I liked it immediately, no frills or loud advertising, just there begging to be opened. Once unwrapped the packaging inside was very much similar to the outer wrapping, a brown cardboard box with their brand name emblazoned on the top. I think it worthy to note at this point that their packaging is biodegradable, from the brown wrapping to the funky iridescent cellophane box filling I found waiting inside. Another thumbs up for this Beauty12 👍
The August box is aptly named ‘The Amber’. I did wonder why this name, pondering on a link to autumn possibly. My ideas were quashed when I was made aware that this months box was in fact named after a new doggy addition to the Beauty12 family. I have to say, Amber is absolutely gorgeous, her picture can be found on the Beauty12 Facebook page.
I unboxed this live on the BoXession Facebook Page, which has now been uploaded to our YouTube Channel… you can watch this by pressing play below…

So, what’s inside this beautiful box?

  1. Get The Funk Out Eucalyptus Peppermint by Demes R.R.P. $8.99

This eucalyptus peppermint spray smells absolutely divine! The fact that this item is multipurpose ticks all the boxes for me. In a 60ml bottle this is small enough to carry in your handbag but big enough to pack a punch when needed. It can be used as a natural deodorant, room spray or hand sanitiser, which makes this a fantastic addition to the box.

  1. Konjac 6 Wave Bath Sponge with Pink French Clay by The Konjac Sponge Company R.R.P. £11.99

 These sponges have always puzzled me, mainly because I associate a sponge as being soft. The Konjac Sponge is made purely from vegetable fibre and its appearance reminds me of polystyrene. It has no horrible smell; in fact it doesn’t really have any smell at all which I admit is a relief. I was apprehensive when reading it was made from vegetable fibre.

What shocked me the most?

This sponge only turned soft and gentle once submerged in water!
After using this sponge I have to say my mind has been swayed significantly. My skin feels softer after using this sponge in comparison to the basic sponges available on the high street.

  1. Switch Back Lip in Grape Seed, Frankincense & Mandarin by Raw Passion R.R.P. £5.00

 Those lucky enough to watch the live unboxing of Beauty12 will have giggled at my misfortune with this item. Initially I couldn’t smell anything, later realising that in fact there was a rollerball application! To be fair a rollerball is an ingenious idea with a product as small as this, stopping any little accidents or spillage.
This item has the most beautiful mandarin fragrance, sweet but not too overpowering. Again a multipurpose item that is small enough to be kept in your handbag and used at any given time. It can be used as an eye serum, perfume or lip oil, which is ideal for the autumn, and winter months ahead.

  1. Nail Polish in colour Jasper by Maggie Anne R.R.P. £10.50

 I have to admit, I don’t generally wear nail polish. Having worked in an environment which doesn’t allow it I think I’ve just gotten used to not wearing any.
This product is a gel effect polish, which promises up to 7 days of colour and shine and is quick to apply, easy to remove. I was slightly perplexed by the colour of this varnish. I couldn’t quite decide upon it being a nude or a pinkish tone, upon investigation I can confirm it’s a beige colour.

  1. Cosmic Highlighter by Medusa’s Makeup R.R.P. $12

I decided to save this little gem until last, as this is my absolute favourite item in the Beauty12 box! This highlighter comes in a generous sized sifter jar for ease of use, ensuring little product is lost. The sparkle and shimmer from this product is dreamy, hints of a pearlescent pink hue when the light hits your skin. Useable not only on your face but body too, this product will last, as coverage is fantastic.
Not only does my daughter want to “borrow” this highlighter but so do most of the BoXession ladies, I will have to find a new hiding place for this little beauty.
Have Beauty12 proved there are cruelty free products out there to rival leading brands?
I believe so, overall I am really happy with this box. I feel Beauty12 have really hit upon a good mixture of beauty products, not just make up. I really love the multipurpose items, not just for that reason, also because they are perfectly sized to carry conveniently in a handbag. I’ve been introduced to products that ordinarily I wouldn’t of considered purchasing, highlighting a leap from my consumer ‘comfort zone’.

The total value of items in this box is approximately £42, which is amazing considering you would pay a total of £17.90 including postage and packaging. That is a total saving of just over £24!

Beauty12 also state that in each monthly box there will be products totalling £35 or more, as proven with their August box already.

For any followers interested in learning more about Beauty12 or wanting to subscribe please see the website addresses below.
We have an EXCLUSIVE BoXession discount code!! Use the code ‘BOXESSION’ for 15% off your first box… you can also use this on 3, 6, or 12 month purchases!
Laters ladies,
Jen x

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