CC Beauty Review – August 2017


So here I am reviewing CC Beauty again for the August edition; and boy was I excited for this one! CC Beauty said it was going to be a good one, and they weren’t fibbing! I may have had this box a little early, and have been holding onto it before I unboxed Live on The BoXession Group on 1st August.

CC Beauty is a high end Subscription Box containing 4 products, it costs £29.99 and you can have a one off subscription, rolling subscription or a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, also I need to mention you can get 20% off with the code ‘ISTBOX20OFF’. This month’s box is worth a whopping £93!

The items included are below:

  • Too Faced #TFNOFILTER Selfie powders – RRP £18
  • Dior Dior Show Mascara in pro blue – RRP £25.50
  • Too Faced Perfect Lips lip liner shade perfect pink – RRP £13.50

Box Value: £93

Box Cost: £29.99

Saving: £63.01

The first item is the Too Faced selfies powders; I have been eyeing these up in TK Maxx for a while, and was so excited to see these in the box. The three colours are sunrise, totally toasted and moon river. They are meant to mimic the effect of Selfie filters; and are a finishing or setting powder. I really like these, they do the trick, but I think a little goes a long way. I think the bronzer was maybe not to my taste, but that’s personal preference. They are very pigmented too, which surprised me.
Next is the Dior mascara; I have a kind of love hate relationship with this one. I was so excited for this one on my unboxing…till I opened it to look at the brush and realised it was blue 🙁 . Blue mascara in my eyes is very 90’s and should stay there with hair mascara. But given that I like to do a fair review; I took up the blue mascara challenge! Well, it’s still not for me, but I love the formula, the packaging and the mascara brush itself is amazing… so I will be buying this in black! All is not lost.
When I saw the Talika in the box I was so happy. This is an eye cream for night time use. I have tried this in my evening routine and I love this! It has definitely lived up to my expectations; it’s a good consistency and doesn’t leave a sticky residue like some eye creams do. I really recommend this one, it even helped with my eye bags I have been growing with a newborn baby and the night feeds…. this is an expensive item but well worth every penny in my opinion.
Finally we have the Too Faced Perfect Lips – lip liner. This is a beautiful nude pink colour; again a too faced product that we all know I love. This is a twist liner, which is my preference, as I’m always losing sharpeners. The colour is good and goes on easily, and it does it job. I’ve never used a Too Faced liner before. And I was really impressed! It doesn’t surprise me that its good quality; as Too Faced products generally are.

The Verdict

Well this is a great Box; I liked everything but the mascara; however that’s only due to the colour, so I give the box a 4 out of 5. Yet again the items in the Box exceed the value of the Box by more than three times! I shall be eagerly awaiting the next month’s edition. Keep doing what you do best CC Beauty!
If you wish to purchase a box from CC Beauty, you can do so via their Website … don’t forget to enter the code ‘1STBOX20OFF’ for 20% off your first box!
Here are the links to their Facebook and Instagram too:


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