TreatBox Review by Michelle – August 2017

It’s that time of the month again (No not THAT Time!), it’s the time that my TreatBox arrives. Yet again the now familiar sound of my TreatBox dropping onto my door mat got me all excited.
I love that my TreatBox is delivered by royal mail and fits through my letter box so I don’t have to worry about not being in when it arrives.
This month’s theme is “YAY! Today is Good!” and its filled with lovely things related to tea and cake. I’m personally a coffee rather than tea fan, but you can cheer me up even on the saddest day with a piece of cake or a sweet treat.
My computer screen is slowly starting to look cuter as I decorate it with the gorgeous stickers that hold in place the carefully hand wrapped tissue paper that enrobes and protects each month’s goodies. To fit with the theme, the sticker this month says “it’s the little things…” and has a cute hand drawn looking picture of a latte.
On carefully peeling back the sticker and opening the tissue paper I was greeted with a colourful array of pastel toned treats. Everything looked so inviting, making it even more difficult than usual to choose what to take out of my box first. In the end, I opted for the A5 card with the recipe for carrot cake on. I love eating cake, but I’m not the most confident baker. This recipe however looks super easy and there isn’t a ridiculous amount of ingredients needed to make the cake. As with all the paper based products I’ve received from TreatBox, the recipe is printed on high quality card. With my messy cooking though I might need to laminate it before I get it anywhere near my kitchen.
As well as having a recipe to make your own sweet treat, this month’s box has a sweet treat for you to enjoy straight away. Sweet treats that I receive in boxes don’t last long after I’ve photographed them, and the beautiful and scrummy shortbread teacup in the box was no different. I’d expected it to be a hard biscuit texture, but it was a gloriously crumbly and buttery shortbread texture. The beautiful icing was also no too sweet. Sweet treats will always be a hit with me in a box.
Talking of biscuits, one of my favourites are party rings. I regularly say, you can’t have a party without party rings. Needless to say, I absolutely love the party ring style Sass & Belle coaster in my box. This month’s subscribers will receive one of a selection of biscuit style coasters in their boxes including, party ring, rich tea and jammie dodger. I would have been thrilled with any of them; however, I’m so glad I received a pink and yellow party ring coaster. I’m also really happy that it’s a decent sized coaster, as I often find coasters are too small for the mugs I like to drink out of.
If after seeing your coaster and biccie in this month’s box you’re feeling like a cuppa, TreatBox have that sorted too. They’ve popped in two individual Clipper Teas Fairtrade tea bags, so you can either have a lovely cuppa with a friend or keep them both for yourself. As I said I’m not personally a tea drinker, but I’ll be keeping them for when my mum pops by, as she loves a cup of Rosie Lee.
The next item in my box, I really can’t decide whether I’ll be keeping or gifting. Each month there is a print in the box to decorate your home with, and this month’s has been created exclusively by the TreatBox team. It’s an A5 sized print on card of a picture of a teapot, cup and biccies with the quote “You can’t start an Adventure without a cup of tea first”. If you’ve got this far in my review, you’ll know by now why I’m not sure if I want to keep this item, but it’s so darned cute I might display it ion my kitchen.
One item from this month’s box that will definitely be going in my kitchen is the brilliant 100% cotton Loft tea towel. Every subscriber will receive one of these in their box, but there are different colour variants available. Mine is in a gorgeous mint green, that will look fab next to my light grey walls and high gloss white kitchen cabinets. This quote tea towel reminds me of the “Keep Calm” slogans, and says “Everything stops for tea and cake”. Obviously, I’d disagree with that on the tea front, but it’s true everything does stop for cake in my house.
Another thing I often stop for is to write lists. I have a brain like a sieve so like to note things down, and love writing a to do list or seven. This means I’m loving the mini daily planner note pad with handy rip off sheets in this month’s box. It’s decorated with cute pics of different hot drinks and sweet treats. The only problem is I’m going to end up feeling hungry when making my lists on this pad. I can see me using this pad for a long time, as each sheet covers a whole week, and there are tonnes of pages in the pad.
I love it when TreatBox put wooden gifts in their boxes, and this month one of my favourite items are the four wooden animal shaped magnets made by Jones Home & Gift. Each of the cute wooden animals (bird, rabbit, cat and elephant) are decorated with sweet sayings like “the best is yet to come”. I don’t actually have any nice magnets, so I’ll be splitting them between my magnetic note board in my office come craft room and putting some on my fridge.
Yet again, TreatBox has hit the nail on the head by keeping a strong theme of quality items from the first to the last thing in the box. The extra finishing touches that make TreatBox extra special to me are all still there, including the calendar on the back of the leaflet explaining the items in the box. I’m yet to be disappointed in any way with any of the boxes I’ve received so far (this isn’t a challenge hehe), and I’m yet again looking forward to the beginning of the month for my next box to arrive.
What’s In The Box?
You Can’t Start an Adventure Without a Cup of Tea First Print – £4
Sass & Belle Biscuit Coaster – £1.87
X2 Clipper Teas Fairtrade Everyday Teabags – 20p (approx.)
Daily Planner Notepad – £3 (approx.)
Everything Stops for Tea and Cake, Loft Tea Towel – £4.99
Iced Shortbread Tea Cup – £3.75
Carrot Cake Recipe – 50p (approx.)
X 4 Wooden Animal Magnets, Jones Home & Gift – £4 (approx..)
Total: £22.31 (approx.)
Cost of Box (rolling monthly subscription): £12
Saving: £10.31
Discounts are available if you buy a prepaid 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.
This month was the first time I’ve done a live unboxing of TreatBox for the BoXession FaceBook group, and you can watch it by clicking below. If you’d like to read more about previous boxes, please use the search function on the blog to search for TreatBox.

If you want to order your own treatbox, treat a loved one to one, or buy separate items from previous boxes, you can do so at their website:
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