TravelBox @ Generation Jetlag by Mel – August 2017

TravelBox is a destination inspired Subscription, containing 5-6 Food, Beauty and Lifestyle items each month – A Holiday in a Box! This month’s box is a fusion of Caribbean Cocktails, and all items are from UK suppliers!

This new addition to the world of Subscription boxes is a little extra special. Not only was it offered to me as a BoXession EXCLUSIVE, meaning I was the first to ever hold one of these… but it is also founded and run by one of our very own members – Dee Morse.
Dee has been an active member of the group for a while now, she is very friendly and a box addict… fitting really that she should want to start her own Subscription Box! She approached me a short while ago about putting a survey on the group to get some ideas about what people want from a box. I was very excited by this and of course agreed!
Dee already owned the Company Generation Jetlag, which offers Bespoke Travel Packages. So what better theme to use than one that follows a passion you already have; it’s perfect really! I have to admit that when we discussed the idea, it seemed apparent that she has put everything into this, she has planned out the next two months box themes already; which tells me that this really is everything to her. Being someone who is already trying to follow my own dream and turn something I love into a job; I have to say that I genuinely wish Dee and TravelBox all the success and happiness they deserve.
So the Box arrived on Saturday Morning, just as I was about to set off for a weekend away! So this TravelBox has quite literally travelled… Manchester>Huddersfield>Leeds and then home to the Lake District. I had intended on trying to live unbox from the Hotel, but I got ever so slightly carried away Shopping in the Trafford Centre… oops!
When I arrived home on Sunday, I didn’t even unpack my suitcase; I went straight for the Live Video to unbox! I know that you want me to get on with the important bit …
So What’s inside the Box?

  • Flamingo Print Scarf – RRP £8
  • Boozy Bodycare Body Wash in Virgin Mojito – Full Size 250ml – RRP £5.95
  • SugarSin Cuba Libre Gummies – 100g Bag – RRP £2.99
  • The Lip Scrub Kitchen Yummy Exfoliator in Caribbean Coconut – 20ml – RRP £3.95
  • SNP Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask (Sheet Mask) in Coconut – RRP $2.50 (£1.89)
  • Spice N Tice Gourmet Chips & Wedges Seasoning – 18g – RRP £1.59
  • Pineapple Print Notepad RRP Unknown (approx Value £1)
  • Pineapple Print Pen RRP Unknown (approx Value £1)

Total = £26.37
Cost = £14.99 plus £3.99 P&P (£18.98)
Saving = £7.39

There are 3 options with TravelBox:

  1. Month by Month – £14.99 plus £3.99 P&P
  2. 6 Months – £99.99 (P&P is included) Making each box £16.66 Including P&P
  3. 12 Months – £199.99 (P&P is included) Making each box £16.66 Including P&P


And now comes the best bit, the testing!

I am almost sure that Dee is psychic, I absolutely love MINGOS!! (Flamingos)… so my favourite thing in this box by a mile is the Beautiful soft Scarf! I already own quite a few Scarves in this style, so this is something I would absolutely buy!
The Virgin Mojito Body wash is a welcome addition to the box, I am already aware of the brand as we have worked with them previously on the BoXession Group.  I have been using this all week and I love it, you can always tell when products like these are good quality, as you don’t have to use half the bottle to get a lather. I would buy these in every scent if I am honest.
The Lip Scrub has to be my most used product this week. I sadly have bird flu, which is obviously worse than man flu… don’t let these men tell you otherwise! This cute little tin has lived as my companion in my dressing gown pocket. I am not going to deny sneakily licking the sugar off; I do this a lot with lip scrubs as they contain fewer calories than a chocolate bar. No I will not be persuaded this is untrue ha ha.
The Gummies were tried by my partner and I, then along came those pesky Seagulls again, ahem, Children. My kids devoured these… I barely got a look in, but they were yummy gummies indeed!
I have yet to try the face mask as my current situation is a stinging face, but Dee was aware of my Facemask love I suspect that is why this little lovely was in the Box.
I also haven’t used the Spice N Tice as Asda forgot my Hot Dogs in the delivery yesterday, but we will be having some yummy wedges in the next few days.
Everyone on the group knows that I am not the biggest Stationery Fan, that would be Katie and Michelle who are addicts in that department. But I did leave the man of the house a note this morning… having kids doesn’t mean you can’t be cute and romantic sometimes 😉
VIP Status
This is something that sets this Box aside from the rest… the VIP Treatment…

Bronze VIP Status

This kicks in once you have been a Subscriber for 3 month’s continuously. Your reward is that you receive your Box in the first batch, 5 days before everyone else

Silver VIP Status

6 Month’s continuous Subscription – You will already be receiving perks as a Bronze VIP member. As a Silver VIP you will also get an email shortly after the first of each month asking you to choose one of the items you want to receive from that month’s selection.

Gold VIP Status

9 Month’s continuous Subscription – You’re already benefitting from Bronze & Silver VIP perks – As an added extra you will also receive an additional item in all your future boxes.

Platinum VIP Status

12 Month’s continuous Subscription – You will continue to get Bronze, Silver and Gold VIP perks. Your items will now also get delivered in a deluxe box every month. You will also get an annual “birthday” gift.
My Verdict?
I am a fan of themed boxes, the way that they feel well put together and thought has clearly gone into them. I feel very excited about the future of this box, having been privy to some snippets of information for what’s in store for the next instalments; I am pretty confident that subscribers will not be disappointed.
I have been told by Dee that she already has my next TravelBox made up for me, I feel very honoured to be asked to review.
Not only are you getting an amazing Box of goodies and treats with this Subscription, but you are also supporting someone’s dream! Would I buy this? Do you really need to know the answer? … Off you pop …
Much Love,
Mel xx

Don’t forget to enter the Competition on our Facebook Page to win £130 worth of Goodies, closes on 31st August … here is the Link…


To watch my Live Unboxing on our YouTube Channel, click play below …


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