TreasureTress Review – July 2017

So I have been asked to review this by the lovely Christelle at TreasureTress. They are a Monthly Hair Care Subscription Box that caters for ‘Kinky, Curly hair’. Their target audience is girls with afro-type/curly hair but I can honestly say that every product in this box I was able to use.
They do 3 different box types:

  • Mini me box age 2-9yrs £20.00 plus postage
  • Tween box age 10-18yrs £20.00 plus postage
  • Qween box Adults £20.00 plus postage

All of the products the company use are natural and handpicked. TreasureTress seem very customer focused, and they are the first subscription boxes for haircare for young girls in the UK. Take a look at the web page and have a little read for yourself.
Products in the Box:

  • Palmers Coconut Oil formula Shampoo Full-size RRP £14.66
  • Mielle Organics Honey and Ginger Edge Gel full-size RRP £14.99
  • Andre Walker Beautiful Curls Styling Cream Full-size RRP £15.99
  • Hair Amour Sweet Summer Citrus growth stimulating hair and scalp oil Full-size RRP £17.99
  • Mielle Organics Honey and Ginger Styling Cream Full-size RRP £17.99

Box Total = £70.12
I have been testing these products over the course of the week on my daughter and I who both have kinky curly Caucasian hair. My hair has is wavier, but my daughter has really tight curls.
First impressions of the box were wow this is heavy so I knew there was going to be some good-sized products inside, I really wasn’t expecting that. The packaging is sleek and simple but the products are well protected inside.
The first product I will be reviewing is the palmer’s coconut oil shampoo. I am very familiar with this brand and love them, but have not used a hair care product from them so I was really excited to try this and it smells glorious. I was a bit dubious with it being oil based as I suffer from an oily scalp but I have to say it’s really good; it gives the hair a real deep clean but doesn’t leave a oily residue. I have to say I’m particularly fond of this in my daughter’s hair as she has curls and they are really thick and sometimes frizzy; but this shampoo left them really sleek and shiny and the same with mine. This is a great product, not too pricey and I will be buying it again.
Next was the Mielle Organics honey and ginger edge gel. This brands smell is a thing of pure beauty! It smells so good you just want to eat it… its honey and ginger based. The product is a styling gel that you can use on those pesky flyways! This has been particularly handy with my daughters’ hair. This will definitely be used in the morning school rush. I found this product also great to run through the dry hair with fingertips to also set our curls. You only need a tiny amount. So this product will last a while!
The third product to be used was the Andre Walker gold system beautiful curls. This is to be used after washing to style the hair. I didn’t try this product on my daughter as I ran out of time but I used this on my hair and I loved it! The fact that it can also be used on hair extensions is great; I will be using it on mine when I get round to ordering a new set. It didn’t really have much of a smell but the results were so good. I used this with a hairdryer and diffused my hair; the look lasted pretty much all day! Great product, and a must if you use extensions!! The look after was silky and smooth and I wasn’t left with crispy hair.
The next product was the Hair Amour this smelt really good too! This is an oil treatment for the hair and scalp that has a citrus smell. It is said to have many benefits including that it’s able to help stimulate hair growth and condition the scalp. I used this product on both my daughter’s hair and mine but I feel it really wasn’t for us, which was a shame; I found that it left our scalps greasy. I have oily hair anyway so probably not the best product for me but my daughter’s hair is quite dry and it didn’t really do much for her either. Maybe you’re meant to wash it out after use but it didn’t state to do so… maybe I’m using the product wrong I’m not sure but I really feel this product would be better suited for people with Afro Caribbean hair. However this product smells great and is really fresh.
Last but definitely not least is my favourite product. The Mielle Organics styling cream. This is to be used on freshly washed hair; again with its signature honey and ginger smell this puts short work into styling. Just run through the hair and style, and it gives a good hold. This gives the desired look I love on my daughter when I let her hair naturally dry; it holds her princess curls beautifully! I also feel this product really helps give the hair a shiny conditioned look without looking greasy. It brushed out well and leaves no residue. I love the size of this product and for the price I will definitely be buying it again, and this will become a family favourite.
The Verdict:
Overall this box is amazing value for money! I feel that the sizes of the products are so good I wouldn’t need to subscribe every month, which is sad. This box didn’t disappoint; it exceeded my expectations. I love the company’s ethos and passion for hair care; this shines through in their boxes… definitely a company to watch! I rate it five stars, thank you so much for letting me review; my daughter and I really enjoyed it.
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