Ms Flow Review by Mel – July 2017

I can tell you now that I was super excited to receive an e-mail from Sonia, the Founding Owner of Ms. Flow. I am getting to the point now of realisation that the group is growing at a vast rate, but I am still always very grateful for an opportunity to collaborate with companies; this is my love after all. Reviewing a box takes me to my happy place, so it is a pleasure to be working with Ms. Flow for 3 months.
I was shocked at the speed in which it arrived via Royal Mail on Monday morning … it was only a few days earlier that she said she was posting out to me! You can’t fault a service that’s fast and efficient, it goes a long way in my opinion.
I know, you want to know about the good stuff right?
So What’s in the Box?

  • Cocowhite Coconut Oil for Teeth Minty Fresh – RRP £19.99 for 20 Sachets so worth £1.
  • Hair ‘O’ Hair Oil – Makes Hair Healthy – FULL SIZE RRP £19.99.
  • Heath & Heather – Green Tea & Jasmine – RRP £2.49 for a box of 20 so worth 12p.
  • Ms Flow Candle – Grapefruit & Jasmine – RRP £4.
  • Earth Kiss Clay Sheet Mask – RRP £1.99.
  • Jealous Sweets – Tangy Worms – RRP £2.50.
  • Panda – Mint Filled Liquorice – RRP 69p.

TOTAL Items Value = £30.29
 I can’t give a pricing for the sanitary items in the box as I received an array of samples to show me which ones are available to select. But bear in mind that the value of just the goodies is more than DOUBLE what you pay for this box.
The pricing structure for a Ms. Flow Subscription is dependent on how many sanitary items you need each month:
Light Flow (2-3 Days Flow) – £12.99
Regular Flow (4-5 Days Flow) – £13.99
Heavy Flow (5-7 Days Flow) – £14.99
They also offer a Trial box for only £10, which includes a mix of tampons and towels in different absorbencies.
 The P&P is an additional £2.95
All of the boxes contain a mixed range of Beauty, Relaxation and Wellbeing products that differ every month.
When signing up you get the option of which products you require. This is fabulous, as I know just from speaking to the other Admin that 2 of our Ladies cannot use Tampons. You can select a mixture of products, or simply only one type.
Sanitary Brands that they use are:

  • Tampax
  • Tampax Pearl
  • Tampax Compak
  • Tampax Compak Pearl
  • Li-Lets
  • Natracare (Organic)

Sanitary Towels:

  • Always Ultra
  • Bodyform
  • Natracare (Organic)

You can then choose the absorbency level – Light/Regular, Super or Super Plus.
Lets get to the goodies …
I always try a selection of items whenever I receive a box to review, and this bunch of loveliness is right up my street.
Jealous Sweets – Tangy Worms
These lasted about 90 seconds flat, I opened them and like a flock of seagulls the other 3 members of my household swooped in on them. I was more than happy to share (not); they are gluten free which is ideal for younger kids too. I have sourced where to buy these now so that I can get some more.
Ms. Flow Candle – Grapefruit & Jasmine
I love my relaxation time, so I lit this, snuggled up on the sofa with my facemask on to… yep you guessed it …. Type up a review! Haha. In all seriousness, this is my passion so writing does relax me. This smells divine, I am impressed that it is their own branding and I suspect you get a different one of these every month.
Earth Kiss Clay Sheet Mask
As above I used this together with my candle, I cannot believe that there is a Facemask brand that I haven’t tried – I am pretty upset with myself at that, I obviously need to buy more, right? Yes yes yes I would ABSOLUTELY use this again, clay and a sheet mask! Who invented this you little genius. My skin felt like I had been to one of those expensive Spa places. I have also found out where these are sold locally at the tiny price of £1.99. That is such good value.
Panda – Mint Filled Liquorice
I am very sad to tell you that I didn’t like this. I thought I would. The liquorice tasted lovely but the mint inside it just didn’t marry for me. You cannot like everything, I tell myself this all of the time.
Hair ‘O’ Hair Oil – Makes Hair Healthy
Saved the best for last. The first thing that stood out to me with this is the packaging. I love the little glass white bottle and silver screw lid, its unique. I have never seen this brand before and upon researching they do sell it in drugstores. Where have I been? I practically live in these places when I am out and about; I blatantly had my eyes shut. This is the most expensive item in the box at £19.99. Whilst my partner and I have only been using it for a few days so cannot give long usage results, we both love the unisex design of this and the fragrance.
I have not yet used the Cocowhite, as I am trialing a new toothpaste I got, so I want to wait and see the results of this first, but I will try it. The Tea is not for me, I am a Coffee lover, and without my Coffee I resemble my 2 year old when he loses his blanket!
If you want to view my unboxing video click play below…

My Verdict?
I know that these types of subscriptions are very popular. I know our members go mad for it as they can justify the fact that it contains necessities every month; and therefore part of the cost of it would have already been spent buying these.
I am very impressed, I have to say I like the fact it contains full size items and that the box is sized to accommodate these as opposed to being squeezed into a small box that can only hold so much.
The bags they come in remind me of old fashioned sweet shop ones. The branding is clean, fresh and just bang on. I personally can appreciate how hard it is to get that right.
The value of the box is more than double what you pay for it, and with our discount that Ms. Flow have kindly given us, that is an even bigger bargain! I absolutely would purchase this box, I know that it is slightly more price wise than some of the other similar players in the game; but when you consider what you get with this it really is worth it. This box has a luxury feel, they are trying to include artisan products and unknown brands, when you consider the fact I had never heard of any of them then I would call that a success!

We have an EXCLUSIVE Discount with Ms Flow!! Use the code ‘BOXESSION20’ for a HUGE 20% off your first month! You can order via their Website:
Or here are the direct links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for keeping up to date with their latest news and events…

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  1. I see July’s box looks full of goodies:) waiting for my August and hope Sonia will post to me quickly like 4 you 😉 it is interesting I will get it by 7th of August or by 7th of september? (because my sub is: Regular Flow 7th of the month ) O hair oil full size! Love sheet masks and candles always welcome 🙂 also snacks 🙂 Talking about Sanitary Towels they have organic Natracare wow never heard before:) now I will see! 🙂
    With our code from boxession with 20off discount it cost me 11.20£ +Shipping £2.95 = 14.15£
    Like you said Mel: “it is slightly more price wise than some of the other similar players in the game; but when you consider what you get with this it really is worth it.”

    1. Thank you Sigita, I hope you enjoy your box – Michelle has August one, Katie is getting the September one. Also watch out on the group as we will be running a competition next week for Ms Flow x

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