Mask Maven Review by Mel – June 2017

Life’s a Beach is the theme for this Month, a list of the items are as follows:


  1. Urban Dollkiss Urban City Azulene Mask – $3
  2. Adaline – Keep Cool and Let Shine Facial Mask – $3
  3. Pure Smile Point Pad – Kiwi – $3
  4. Pure Smile Point Pad – Cherry Blossom – $3
  5. Berrisom Water Bomb Jelly Mask – Anti-Wrinkle – $3
  6. It’s Skin Mask – Tea Tree – $1.99
  7. Tsaio Stayed Up Late – Emily – $2.50
  8. Nobori Eye Mask – PRICE UNKNOWN estimate $3
  9. Mijin Cosmetics Brightening Mask – PRICE UNKNOWN estimate $3

Total Value – $25.49 (£19.56)
The cost of Mask Maven is $15 per month on a month-by-month basis; there is an extra charge for P&P due to it coming from overseas -$8.95 P&P.
You can get it for less if you commit to a longer Subscription Term. 6 Months works out at $14 per month, and 12 Months is $13 per month … but you do have to pay upfront which is sometimes too big an outlay for people. You don’t get any discount on the P&P price for buying in bulk, it still works out at $8.95 per month.
‘YOUTUBE10’ for 10% off makes this $23.45, which converts to £17.23. There are 9 items in this month’s subscription, so that’s a tiny £1.91 each!!
 I have to mention the cute organza bag that these come in, simply because its purple. I love purple. It can be re- used for all sorts of things. I said on my video that it’s ideal to use when travelling for storing underwear in.
I am a HUGE K Beauty Fan, Masks are my absolute favourite. They get it so right with the facemasks. I have never used any better; I recommend them all the time on the group to anyone and everyone who will listen to me ramble on. The cute packaging is part of the attraction, but the products themselves make the British ones look like an amateur design. The biggest difference is generally the materials they use on the masks. They never rip, they are well thought out even down to the little cuts in the material so that you can make them fir your face easily. The 2 part ones are the best ones, they don’t move around or slip on your face.
I must have tried somewhere in the region of 3 figures in Korean Face Masks, I even threw all of my Drugstore Brand ones out when I realised that I would never use them again now that I have discovered these beauties. What I don’t understand is the British equivalent ones that even come close to being as good as the K Beauty ones cost around the £20 mark in my experience… I refuse to pay it; I am a bargain queen at heart. You can sometimes pick the Korean ones up in TK Maxx for £3.99 each, and if you are very lucky and raid the discounted section then you may find some for half price – top tip there ladies if you want to try one before committing to this addiction! Please don’t hate me when you fall head over heels and end up with a massive hoard like me, you can’t say I didn’t warn you…
So of course I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to try some of these babies out, the only issue I had was deciding which to go for first.
I pondered for a while, touched all of the shiny pretty packets, and pulled out the Water Bomb Jelly one. I chose this because it is a type I haven’t tried and I was intrigued. Upon opening it, it really is jelly. I have to be honest; as much as I love these masks it still feels yucky when you unfold them. It can be a little messy, but in comparison to the type you smother on your face they are minimal fuss. I liked the way the essence was all wibbly wobbly on my face. As usual the material was a really thick mesh, it did not dry out even after 30 minutes. I always tend to leave these on a little longer than I should – I like to get my moneys worth! I rubbed all the remaining jelly essence into my skin, which is what you are supposed to do, and it soaked in with ease. A top tip, do not wash your face before bed if you use these, I find my skin feels amazing in the morning if I don’t. Listen, I am a northerner ok, getting my moneys worth is built into me ha ha.
The next item I decided to use was the Dr. Nobori Eye Mask. I couldn’t tell exactly what this was going to be like from the packaging. I thought maybe the little pads that sit under your eyes – how wrong was I? This was a full eye mask – think Masquerade Ball …. It was in silver, and instantly I was transformed into BatMel or SuperMel or whatever. It was really quite a hilarious sight and I shared on the group for a giggle with my fellow addicts. I am that impressed by the effects of this I have been on google looking to buy one. My eye area afterwards felt tighter for about 30-40 minutes; like you could feel something working, and then after that my skin felt powdery soft. Someone tell me where to buy this please? Google was NOT my friend; I need another, at least one… or ten!
Thirdly and finally I chose the Urban Dollkiss Mask. The packaging of this one appealed to me the most when I got them all out. This one made my face so refreshed and cool. Another one for the re-buy list.
The only things I won’t use from this Subscription are the two packets of point pads. I have used them before and I don’t really see the point of them. I would much rather just use a full mask. I will gift them to someone though as the designs are so sweet.
The masks have all been added to my stash, which I am now guarding with my life so hands off ladies!!
To watch my unboxing Video on our YouTube Channel, click play below…

If you wish to buy this, I am definitely going to get this one by the way; you can go to their Website:
Click on Mask Maven on the tabs at the top.
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If you are still reading at this point, then you shouldn’t be, you should be buying!
Thank you my Lovelies for reading,
Mel xx

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  1. I really like the sound of these! The P&P is expensive, but the overall cost per mask is still quite good and you do seem to get a lot in the box. Can I just chek they are all sheet-type products? I know the point pads are smaller, but they’re otherwise all sheet masks? Thank you X

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