Chimasu Box Review by Michelle – July 2017

Ever felt like a kid in a candy store? Well that’s exactly how I felt when I first saw the contents of the July Chimasu box.
When my Royal Mail postie handed me a heavy package I wasn’t sure what was going to be in it, as the box arrived in a plastic postage bag. Opening it, the cardboard box with Chimasu written across the top and pictures of different food items on it was a great hint at what was going to be inside the box.
Once you’ve unboxed a fair few boxes like I have, you can almost predict how full the box will be by the weight and a gentle shake of the box.; Oh Boy, had I underestimated how many goodies awaited me. It’s fair to say I’ve never opened a subscription box before that has 14 different products inside it, and some of these were in multiples, making it a total of 19 separate items in the box.
If you watched my live unboxing video on the BoXession FaceBook page, you’ll understand why I say it was a bad idea to attempt to try a bit of all but 3 of the products inside, one after the other. I just couldn’t help myself, the excitement of having so many different yummy treats in front of me, that I’d never tried before, I just couldn’t resist. I’m a massive fan of Asian culture and product packaging, and love my food; so, what better box for me to get the chance to review than a box filled to the brim with sweet and savoury Asian snacks and sweets?
There are simply too many delicious and exciting treats inside Chimasu’s July box for me to review them all separately, so I’ve chosen a few of my favourites and the more unusual snacks in the box to write about. If you want to watch my reaction to all of the products inside the July box, my unboxing can be found on the BoXession YouTube channel or by joining the BoXession FaceBook page. Links for both can be found at the bottom of this review.
There are two products in the box that I honestly can’t choose between as my favourite, and they both happen to be fruit flavoured gummy sweets. I wouldn’t normally say that fruity gummy sweets are my favourite kind of sweet to eat; however, the Farm on the Road – Tangerine Juicy Jelly and QQ Gummies – Green Apple Flavour taste so much like the real fruits it’s unbelievable. I find that British fruit flavoured sweets tend to taste like sweets and not the fruit they are meant to taste like. Both are shaped like cute little versions of the flavours they represent, and the tangerine juicy jelly sweets have a refreshingly fresh squidgy jelly centre. Buy either of these and you won’t be disappointed.
If you don’t like coffee flavoured sweets, turn away now, as the Kopiko Coffee Candy sweets taste like a strong hit of expresso right to the very last bit dissolves in your mouth. I actually unconsciously did a happy dance when I tried these during my unboxing, as I loved the flavour so much. Think a rectangular Werther’s Original, and you’ll know exactly what I mean about the texture and mouthfeel of these delightful little morsels. I’m hoping that the new Asian food store that has opened nearby stocks these, as I think they’ll be perfect for a sugar and caffeine hit in the afternoons sat at my desk.
I wasn’t sure whether the next of my favourites in the box was going to be sweet or savoury before I tried it. The super cute Anime style animals on the packaging and the crackers themselves reminded me of the Cartoonies chocolate centred biscuits I used to take to school with me in my packed lunch, so I presumed they would be sweet. They are however savoury crackers that taste a bit like a Ritz biscuit. Yummy and cute, what more could you want in an Asian snack? I really hope that future boxes have even more products in cute packaging, as its one of the things I really love about Asian products.
I like most foods and flavours, but even I was surprised that there was only one item out of all of the ones I tried that I didn’t like. This was the Regent – Golden Sweetcorn, and the only reason that I didn’t like it was that it was too sweet for my palette. I had prepared myself for some weird and possibly unpleasant flavours in the box, but it’s clear that team behind Chimasu have gone out of their way to make a box filled with delicious treats that the majority of subscribers are going to like. I love that the box is full of treats that have specially been chosen for both the unusual factor as well as their deliciousness. I imagine that if I’d gone to a shop and chosen a selection of Asian snacks for myself that I had never seen before, it is likely that a good proportion of them I would not like, and would end up going straight in the bin after the first taste.
There are so many different people that this box would be fab for. Maybe you have a foodie friend, or someone who is super hard to buy for. There are very few people I know who would turn down a box of yummy treats. I think Chimasu would be amazing to buy for a date night or a night in with your friends. Food and new experiences bring people closer, and are just what you get when you open a Chimasu box. My unboxing was probably one of the most fun and hilarious evening I’ve had in a while, and through sharing the contents of the box with my partner and work colleagues the fun has continued.  
It’s pretty obvious that I love this box. I’m already looking forward to seeing what’s in the August box and can’t thank Billy at Chimasu enough for sending me this box to review. There are so many amazing Asian countries that Chimasu can help you experience through trying some of their most popular snacks. I think this box could easily become addictive, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!
Items in the box:
Yuki & Love, Mango Jelly – £1.85
Yan Yan (creamy vanilla flavoured dip biscuit snack) – £1.97
Farm on the Road, Tangerine Juicy Jelly (sweets) – £2.55
Glico, Chocolate Collon (biscuit roll) – £1.18
X 2 Gold Kili, Green Tea teabags – 45p
QQ gummies, green apple flavour (sweets) – 50p
Pocky, Almond flavour (biscuit stick coated with almond flavoured confectionary and crushed almonds) – £1.65
Tohato Savoury Biscuits – 69p
X4 Kopiko, Coffee Candy – 16p
Regent Golden Sweetcorn – 70p
Tohato Caramel Corn – 28p
My Bizcuit Peanut Crunchy (biscuit) – 38p
X2 Silang Green Onion Thin Cracker (savoury) – 18p
Nissin Demae Ramen, Beef (noodles) – 50p
Total box contents: £13.04
Cost of box: £18.00 (inc. P&P)
It was difficult to work out pricings for this box, as there were so many different items that I couldn’t find them all available from one place or their RRPs. Owing to this the pricings I have put above are only approximates. They also do not include that you would likely have to pay P&P for several different sites if you were to attempt to buy them separately. Even though with my pricing above it does not appear that there is a saving with the box, if you were to buy all of the items separately online and have them delivered to you, it is likely that you would have to pay significantly more that the box itself costs. There are also discounts available for pre-pay 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions.
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