Ichiko Bento Review by Mel – July 2017

Since May, we have all been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Ichiko Bento. As a group we have some Huge Korean Beauty Lovers, I will not deny being one of them. Since discovering K Beauty I have quickly realised that it isn’t just the cute packaging that lures you in… the quality of the products I have used so far has been exceptional.
You will often hear me on Live Video talking of my love for Face Masks; the Korean ones are the best I have used. In fact they are now the only ones I will use.
Being the huge box lover that I am, I have previously tried another brand that included K Beauty Items, but sadly what put me off subscribing was the high cost of Shipping to the UK. Ichiko Bento are offering all of the goodies, but no extra postage costs, and no chance of getting stung with Customs & Handling fees when the parcel hits this side of the water.
Of course I was very happy when Joanna from Ichiko Bento confirmed to me that I would be receiving a box to review for them. There is nothing I love more than getting my hands on a new box. There are 2 options when subscribing to Ichiko Bento, both prices include postage:

Ichiko Bento Classic – £14

about five items containing Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese beauty products, skincare, fashion, stationery and lifestyle accessories.

Ichiko Bento Deluxe – £26

five to seven items from Japan, Korea and Taiwan including one full sized Asian beauty skincare item, treatments, make-up, daily care and higher value lifestyle goodies.

I have received the Deluxe Box to review …


So What’s in the Box?

  • Banila Co. Clean it Zero 100ml Full Size – £15.60
  • Pure Smile Hello Kitty Cherry Blossom Point Pads Pack of 10 – $1.99 (£1.53)
  • Etude House Cherry Jelly Lip Patch – $3.30 (£2.53)
  • Livework Promenade Floral Notebook £3.50
  • Kao Steam Eye Mask x 1 – £11.45 for 14 so worth 82p
  • Miirushop Plush Headband $8 (£6.13)
  • JAYJUN Baby Pure Shining Mask $21.98 for a pack of 10 – so worth $2.20 (£1.69)
  • Blossom Jeju 2 Step Lifting Petal Mask x 1 $30 for 5 so worth $6 (£4.60)


TOTAL = £36.40

Saving of £10.40

There have been some teething problems with this box. It was delayed quite a few times due to the fulfillment company letting them down, this box was the June box and it did not arrive until 15th July. I have to say that the owner Joanna was very apologetic about this and kept me updated as to what was going on so that I could relay this information to the BoXession members.
I did my live unboxing on Saturday evening, which you can view here by clicking play!

Since my unboxing I have tried out some of the products.

Miirushop Plush Headband

This is a really cute item, I love the ears and I do wear headbands when I use facemasks. Sadly this is too small. I did manage to get it on my head, but it was too tight and hurt after wearing it for a while. I would say it would fit a child better and I will be gifting this to my sister or goddaughter.

JAYJUN Baby Pure Shining Mask

This is the first time I have tried a 3 step mask. First you put the small sachet of blooming essence on, followed by the shining sheet mask. The sheet mask is almost see through once you have applied it to your face and smoothed it. It clung to my face really well and it did not dry out at all while I was wearing it. Once you have removed the mask you then use the eye cream. I was most impressed by the eye cream; it feels really softening on the skin. There was enough left over to apply a second layer before bed. I would buy this mask again or similar types.

Pure Smile Hello Kitty Cherry Blossom Point Pads

I thought I would use these on my feet as the packet says you can. They smell lovely, the pads dry out once all the oil has soaked into your skin. I can sort of see why people may like these, but I would not buy these again. I would much rather apply a serum to my skin to re hydrate quickly.

Livework Promenade Floral Notebook

I am not personally a stationery fan, so I am going to be honest and say that this item does nothing for me being in the box. Being advertised as a lifestyle box I would much rather something else were included. I will be gifting this item.

Banila Co. Clean it Zero 100ml

I am impressed that this is a full size item. I LOVE the smell of this. I have never used a cleanser like this before. I really like the little scoop that it comes with as I have long nails so that really helped me. It’s kind of like a sorbet. I applied it on my eyes to remove eye makeup. I wiped it clean with a cotton wool pad and it came off effortlessly. This is not something I would usually buy, as I am a fan of micellar water for removing makeup, but I will use it all and consider re buying some.

Etude House Cherry Jelly Lip Patch

I advise wearing this while lying down. It does not stay on your lips if you are sat upright. Smells lovely and feels ok, but I didn’t notice a difference at all to my lips. I wouldn’t buy this again.

My Verdict?

I feel I have to be very fair with this review, and most importantly honest. I love the facemasks and the Full Size cleanser, but other than that I am not overly impressed. I can see by totaling up the individual prices that the contents value is more than the price of the box, but I personally would only pay £16-£18 for this box. I would love to see some more full sized items, some makeup items and most importantly the cute factor that we all associate to Korean Beauty. I absolutely adore the little character pots of hand cream and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting similar items inside this box. Some cute edible items would also have been a welcome addition.
I believe that there is an item missing that is being posted out to people who subscribed to the Deluxe Box.
I genuinely do hope that the next installment of Ichiko Bento is better; the concept is amazing… we were all brimming with excitement over this box. I know that the members of the group do feel let down by its debut box. I equally do feel for the owner, who has put everything into making this work. I will be watching out for next months box and will be so happy for everyone if there is a turnaround with this box and that we see many more Ichiko Bento’s!
Thank you all for reading, if you wish to learn more about this box I have listed the Website details, Twitter and Instagram links below …


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  1. This is a box that I’d potentially be interested in getting, but I would like to see another one first, so I’m looking forward to your next review. “Lifestyle” is a tricky one. I wouldn’t use the notebook either, but I guess these things make good little gifts. Thanks for the review X

  2. Thanks Kirsty – I will be doing a review of 3 K Beauty Subscriptions for the Website very soon – click follow the blog and you should get an email update when I have published it, Mel x

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