Juliah Box Review by Michelle – July 2017

The boxes I love the most seem to have four elements in common, a great box that I can reuse, attention to detail, great products inside and good customer service. This month’s Juliah box has met every one of those elements.
Juliah is a relatively new box, which focuses on sending subscribers 4-6 products from artisan UK companies and producers. I love this concept, as I’m a big fan of supporting local and UK business, and celebrating the great products that they make and supply.
Even before the lovely Kate from Juliah kindly sent me my box to review, I could tell from our communication that she cares deeply about what goes into each month’s box and that her subscribers will love them. Kate gave me a choice over which colour Chilly’s bottle I wanted to receive in my box, so I knew what one item I would be receiving was. I did however manage to avoid all other spoilers and sneak peeks prior to my unboxing on the BoXession facebook group. Each month’s box has a theme, and July’s theme is “The Great Outdoors”.
As I’ve said I love a good box, and reuse them for storage and gifts. The Juliah box is perfect for that; it is a sturdy white box with a magnetic closure and the Juliah logo on the lid. Perfect for reusing to hide some of my beauty product hoard. Inside the box, hiding the contents and keeping them safe is a beautiful butterfly print tissue paper. I’ll definitely be reusing this too, to wrap presents in, and it fits perfectly with “The Great Outdoors” theme. In the box was a leaflet telling you about each product, the RRP of each item and a lovely bit of information on each of the companies who have supplied the items.
The first thing out of my box was the item I knew about, the Chilly’s bottle. Along with letting me pick the colour, Kate let me know that I would be receiving a smaller bottle than subscribers would be in their boxes. My bottle is 260ml, and subscribers will be receiving a 500ml bottle. In my opinion, either size is great, as it can be used like a thermos flask to keep cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot. It’s much more stylish and easier to drink from than a thermos flask, and I’ll be using mine daily as a water bottle to stop me drinking so much coffee.
Next out of my box was the Shifa Aromas candle in ‘Summer Dreams’ scent. Not only does this candle smell amazing, it looks pretty too, with the top of the candle being sprinkled with flower petals. I don’t often burn candles, as my cats can’t be trusted not to knock them over, but I’m looking forward to shutting myself in the bathroom and having a big bubble bath with this burning in the background. The candle itself is a soy candle, hand poured in Yorkshire with a burn time of up to 15 hours. It looks like I’ll be getting many an hour of pleasure and relaxation out of this item.
I’m a sucker for a food item in a box, and if it’s a healthy snack it’s a bonus. The July Juliah box has two delicious treats in it made by SoGud. The chunky oat and almond square and Chewy Seed and Brazil Nut square didn’t last long after me taking the photos for the blog. They really are SoGud, and it was hard to believe that they were both 100% natural ingredients, gluten free and sugar free. This is definitely a brand I’ll be looking out for in the future, as the squares are the perfect snack to pop in your pocket or bag whatever you’re doing.
Hand sanitizer is something I use daily; I always have a bottle in my bag, car and on my desk, so I was really happy to find the Bentley organic moisturising hand sanitizer in my box. This is the first hand sanitizer I’ve tried that is alcohol free, and I love that there isn’t a strong smell of alcohol or that sting that you get sometimes with normal hand sanitizers. The fact that it’s moisturising is a bonus, as I always forget to put hand cream on. This little beauty has gone straight into my handbag, and I’m sure I’ll be disappointed when it runs out.
Lastly in my box was the Neom Mood Lifting Pulse Point. I’m going to have to admit that even though it clearly says Neom Organics London on the packaging, I hadn’t realised that Neom was a UK company. I’ve tried pulse point oils before and found them to be too oily and overpowering in scent. This one is much less oily, so I’m more likely to want to put it on my temples. The scent is hard to explain, as every time I sniff it, I get different scents coming through like the top notes of mandarin and undercurrent of mint. I love how summery and fresh it is, and definitely feel more relaxed after trying the suggested breathing exercise that comes with it. This is another item I’ll be popping in my handback, as its perfect for helping relax me during a hectic day at work.
I really didn’t know what to expect when I first opened my box, but I’m so glad I was chosen to receive this box, as the items are all perfect for me. I’ll use each and every one of them, with most of them going in my handbag for daily use. I love that there are items that I can use more than once, and that I have found new products and companies that I haven’t heard of or used before. The box is also really good value, as you’ll see in the cost breakdown below. Overall I’m really impressed that this is a box from a relatively new company, and I can’t wait to see future boxes.
I have to thank Kate for sending me this box to review, as she’s been a pleasure to work with and I love the box.
If you love July’s box as much as I do, you can order up until the 19th July 2017 to receive the July box (while stocks last).
Kate from Juliah has exclusively revealed the theme of August’s box to me, and I’m really excited about it. August’s box will have the theme Relax and Unwind. It’s going to be a box focusing on pampering and self-care, which is right up my street. So much so I’m going to be ordering one for myself when pre-orders open on 25th July.
The box costs £19 plus £2.50 P&P (£21.50 in total) if you buy a month to month subscription. There are however discounts if you buy a 3, 6 or 12 month pre pay subscription.
What’s in the box?

  • Chilly’s bottle, reusable water bottle – RRP £20
  • Neom, Mood lifting pulse point – RRP £8
  • Shifa Aromas Candle, summer dreams time to escape scent – RRP £6.50
  • Bentley Organic Moisturising Organic Hand Sanitizer – RRP £3.50
  • SoGud (x2 snack squares) – RRP £3

Total RRP of items in the box = £41
Cost of box (inc. P&P) = £21.50
Saving = £19.50
Kate has given BoXession members an exclusive discount code for new subscribers. Anyone using the code boxession15 will receive a 15% discount on their first box. Meaning that using our code your first box will be a bargain £18.65 including P&P.
Buy now at: www.juliah.co.uk
If you want sneak peeks of future boxes, or to be amongst the first to hear about any exciting news from Juliah Box, follow them on their social media accounts.
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/juliah2017/
Instagram: Juliah_subscriptionbox
Twitter: @infojuliah
If you’d like to watch my unboxing video, click play below …


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