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At BoXession we love a beauty box; but we’re always on the lookout for new, unique and exciting subscription boxes, and we’ve found just that in GlitzBox.
The concept of GlitzBox is so new that it needs a bit of explanation. In short though it’s a high-end jewellery rental subscription box, where you receive a selection of jewellery specifically tailored to your style, that has been chosen by the GlitzBox stylist. At the end of each month you can either return the jewellery using the prepaid postage label, or choose to buy any of the pieces and keep them forever.
The lovely Tamsin and GlitzBox has sent me this box in return for an honest review. Before she sent me the box she asked me to complete the style survey that all new customers are asked to complete. I was really impressed with how comprehensive the style survey was, it covered everything from who my style icons are, to whether I have pierced ears. I must say some of the questions about my style I had to ask my friend her opinion, you’d think at my age I’d know my own style. I really liked that there’s a free type box where you can write whether you have any special occasions coming up e.g. holidays, birthdays and weddings.
On the day my GlitzBox arrived I had a great post day with lots of parcels and packages. I wasn’t sure whether my GlitzBox was in there, as I’m so used to receiving a rectangular box with branding and logos on the outside. My GlitzBox instead came in a large white postage bag. Thinking about it I guess you don’t want to advertise that it’s a box full of expensive jewellery in case you’re not at home when it arrives. Once I opened the postage bag I fell in love with the box itself. A pristine white sturdy square box with an iridescent GlitzBox logo. I’m really going to be sad to send the actually box back at the end of the month. Also in the postage bag was a prepaid returns label and a leaflet telling you about the returns process and the Glitz code of conduct, which tells you how to care for the jewellery.
On opening the lid of my Glitzbox I loved that the leaflet telling me what was in my box was personalised with my name and a little bit about the styles that had been chosen for me. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews or seen any of my unboxing videos on the BoXession facebook page, you’ll know that I don’t like to ruin the surprise for myself by looking at the leaflets first.
As I was unboxing my GlitzBox live on the Boxession Facebook page, I let BoXession’s Mel choose which of the three tempting packages inside my box to open first. It was really like Christmas having boxes inside the main box to open. Mel unsurprisingly chose for me to open the biggest of the three to open first. This was a white box with a silver Cielle logo on the top. When it comes to jewellery designers, I only know the more prominent ones that I see in the media. Cielle was a new designer to me and I did not know what style of jewellery would be inside the box. Inside was the new love in my life (well for the next few weeks, unless I can convince my husband to buy it for me) a stunning bracelet. The description on the leaflet, and my photos simply do not do it justice. It’s super sparkly faceted cubic zirconia stones are held together in gold plated settings that allow the stones to shine. I really can’t stop looking it when I’m wearing it. The weight of the piece when wearing it and beautiful synthetic diamond clasp make it feel like a high quality, well designed piece of jewellery. I’m not usually a fan of gold, but this bracelet will look stunning with any outfit you pair it with. Dressed up with a little black dress or even wearing it to the office, I know people are going to comment on it. When I looked at the leaflet and found out that this bracelet costs £189 I was quite shocked at the price, but it hasn’t stopped me wanting it. I was also a bit weary of wearing it out of the house in case anything happens to it, but I’m going to so I can review this box properly. I also feel confident that the clasp feels really strong and that it’s not going to fall off.
Next to open was the little black velvet pouch. I’d thought that it was going to contain a pair of earrings, instead it was the beautifully delicate Anita pendant made by V Jewellery. This is definitely a piece I would have chosen for myself, as I love the modern twist on a vintage design. Again, this piece is super sparkly, but not in your face. It’s made from rhodium plated 925 silver with brilliant cubic zirconia. This piece got a lot of love from our members watching the unboxing. I think it would look great with any outfit, and if I owned it I’d probably wear it most days. The chain is also the perfect length, which is really important to me when buying a premium piece of jewellery. This necklace is £100, and it totally feels like a piece of this value.
Lastly was the smaller white box marked with a rose gold Sharon Mills London logo; again, this is not a designer I have previously heard of. Opening I was greeted by a simply beautiful pair of 18ct gold plated vermeil (on sterling silver) and moonstone, drop stud earrings. I love precious stones, and moonstone is one of my favourites as it looks different in different light. As the stones are natural, there is a slight variation in them which makes the earrings even more unique. The moonstones are cupped by a delicate and intricate leaf shape, which is mirrored in the stud part of the earring. They have the vintage feel that I love, and at £75 they are definitely something I would consider buying as they are ageless. I don’t think that they are something I would wear daily, but days and nights out, or special occasions I’d definitely be wearing them.

To view my unboxing Video, click play below …

In the box is also a jewellery cleaning cloth, to help you keep your pieces as sparkly and stunning as possible over the month. The booklet that comes with your box gives you a little background information about each of the pieces designers. There is also room to rate each item, as you post the leaflet back with the items you’re not going to buy. This means that the GlitzBox stylist will learn even more about your jewellery likes and dislikes for the next box. Another super handy thing is when you open out the leaflet it is a calendar with dates marked for when to send your box back etc.
Monthly subscription for GlitzBox costs £39, putting it at the higher end of subscription box prices. The great thing however, is that if you choose to buy any of the pieces in your box, or any of the beautiful selection of jewellery in their online gallery, your £39 subscription is used as credit towards any of your purchases. If you refer a friend you both get an extra one off £5 credit towards your purchases.
I’ve done a little bit of research, and most clothing or jewellery rentals charge you a percentage of the value of the item you are renting for every day you have it. Even at just 10% that would make the bracelet alone be over £350 to rent for the period you get your GlitzBox for, so the £39 monthly charge is actually very reasonable.
GlitzBox have assured me that each piece is hygienically cleaned before its rented to the next person, just like a piece of vintage jewellery would be.
A little birdie has exclusively told me that in the future once the pieces of jewellery have been rented out a few times, GlitzBox are planning to do a seconds sale. This would mean you could buy these amazing pieces of jewellery at a discounted price; so, I’d recommend you sign up to their newsletter and social media accounts, to be one of the first to know more.
I’ll be writing a second part to this review once I’ve had a chance to wear the pieces for a week or so. If you have any questions about GlitzBox that you’d like me to answer, please put them on the BoXession facebook post for this review, and I’ll try my best to answer them in part two.

Part 2 of my review can be found here…
To Order your very own GlitzBox, you can do so via their Website…

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