The Really Good Box Review by Charlotte

I was very excited when I received an email letting me know my Really Good Box was on the way. Hannah kindly sent me a box to review, I wanted to keep the contents a surprise so I didn’t look for any sneak peaks. As I eagerly awaited my box I had a look through her website to find out about the company and what it stands for. What really stands out to me about this box is how much it cares for the environment. The box and filling are fully recyclable and biodegradable, products are cruelty free, organic and vegan. This information made me even more impatient! This box is £20 (free P&P) per month or discounted for longer subscriptions.

  • Pose Yoga Card – £1.50
  • Aquapax Pure Mineral Water – £1.29
  • Aduna Energy Bar – £1.89
  • Lulu & Boo Foot Balm – £12.00
  • Better You Magnesium Flakes – £3.49
  • Simplyseedz Porridge – £1.95
  • Ohh Deer Notebook – £2.00
  • Really Good Box Pen made from Recycled Card (Freebie)

Box Value : £24.12
When my box arrived it was well packaged with cute branding on the front. Upon opening it was wrapped up neatly with pink tissue paper and a sticker. This months box is the Tree box, it’s all about being strong and balanced. Just like trees!
The first product is a Yoga pose – Tree. This card explains how to do the pose with a picture to accompany it. The tree pose is perfect for helping you practise your balance, try it while brushing your teeth! Every month you are sent and new pose so you can collect them all.
Next I tried the Aquapax pure mineral water. I put it in the fridge after my unboxing and had it in the morning with my porridge! This water is amazing! It has such a clean, crisp taste. You really can taste the difference. I love that the carton is also reusable, refillable and recyclable.
I had my porridge the morning after receiving my box, I don’t normally have porridge in the morning but was eager to try this. This can be made with milk or water, I opted for milk. This porridge is sooooo tasty! It’s sweet but has no added sugar. These are made lovingly in Worcestershire and can be purchased online. This is something I will be definitely buying more of, I am very excited to try all the flavours.
When I made my 20th cup of tea for the day I wondered what I should have with it this time. I looked over to my box and remembered my Aduna Energy bar. Perfect time to try it with a cup of tea! The packaging is so cute which makes me want to eat it even more. These bars are 100% natural fruit and nuts, organic and no added sugar. This bar tasted amazing, very sweet which I wasn’t expecting. I never buy products like this but I felt good after eating it knowing it’s good for me!
I had a lovely foot soak with my Foot and Body soak. This was the product I was super excited to try (along with the balm) These are little white flakes inside a resealable packaging. They didn’t have a lot of smell upon opening, I used approximately a quarter of a packet in hot water. I relaxed with my feet soaking for 20 minutes, my feet felt so smooth afterwards and for the price this is something I would definitely buy again. These flakes are a gentle way to increase your bodies Magnesium levels by absorbing into your body. Straight after taking my feet out I eagerly dried them ready for the foot balm. I smelt this foot balm as I was unboxing, and I couldn’t control my excitement of using it. I like to be honest and I normal dislike any moisturisers on my feet. I have never bought a foot moisturiser in my life, but the smell alone I just had to try it. As soon as you open it you are hit with a lovely aroma of tea tree and lemon, which is organic ingredients. They have soothing antiseptic and anti fungal properties. When I first scooped some out it was sooooo creamy and light like a soufflé. Upon massaging it into my feet is melts into a lovely oil. My feet felt like heaven after using this and it’s something I will definitely be continuing to use!
My last product was my Ohh Deer notebook. It has “blank inside” writing on the front in a funky font. This is made in the UK and is a very quirky notebook. To accompany my notebook I received a pen made from Recyclable material branded with “The really good box”. This pen is a lovely touch and really emphasises on everything being recyclable and safe for the environment. I will enjoy doing my doodles in here with my new favourite pen!
I am absolutely thrilled with my box and will use everything inside. This box has worked out cheaper than the retail price which is always a thumbs up from me. I will be eager to see some sneak peeks for the coming months! I would like to thank Hannah once again for sending me this lovely box. I can really tell how much she puts into this and really cares.

You can get 10% off with the code “boxession” which makes your first box £18 with free P&P.

To purchase a Really Good Box, head over to their Website …
Charlotte x

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