Posh Brats Review by Katieemma

Before I start this review can just let you all know my postman is already a fan, apparently his van smelt divine all morning before handing over to me the little bag of goodies I was sent.
In my parcel I was lucky enough to receive these fab products from posh brats to try for myself and review for all you lovely ladies.

  • Mermaid bubbles sea-foam bubble potion
  • Avalon dusk fizzy bath bomb
  • Mango papaya fizzy bath bomb
  • Sea island grapefruit & sugar cane bubble bath scoop
  • Gardenia & vanilla orchid luxury body butter

The first thing I tried was obviously the mermaid bubbles, these smelt really fresh and also quite sharp, full of citrus scents which I was surprised at as they are pink, so me being me expected berry smells. They made plenty of bubbles when poured directly under the tap and filled my bathroom with energising citrus smells, I would probably use these on a morning in future as they are definitely a wake me up scent and not a send me to sleep scent.
Whilst in the bath relaxing and drinking a large wine I decided it was time for a top up of hot water and more bubbles so I added half of the bubble scoop. This was my favourite product in the end, I will be defiantly stocking up on this one. The bubbles were as high as the sides of my bath and the smell was really lovely, it was fruit and sweet and actually stronger than the bubble bars I use from lush, again it filled the whole bathroom with a delicious aroma. It definitely smelt good enough to eat and the perfect mix of grapefruit and sweet sugarcane made it less citrus smelling than usual grapefruit scented products.
The next night I decided to give the bath bombs a go and chose the mango papaya fizzy bath bomb, the smell reminded me of drinking cocktails on holiday, it did not smell like a typical bomb but exactly like the fruits it was supposed to smell of, if I was blindfolded and told someone had filled my bath with mangoes I would have 100% believed it. It did fizz quite a bit but did not really make bubbles but I don’t think the point of a fizzy bath bomb is to make bubbles. But another thumbs up from me and I will be checking out other fruity bath bombs from the range as the smell was so true to the smell of the actual fruit. No artificial scent at all.
The next product to try was the avylon bath scent, I expected this to be super relaxing due to its colour (purple) but it was really scenty, it reminded me of a certain perfume but not sure which one, cannot quite put my finger on it, the smell again was lush though and I would like to purchase a few of these just to have sitting in a bowl on my bathroom windowsill.
The last item to review was a disappointment after trying all the other wonderful products, it was the body butter. The body butter was creamy and velvety and a lovely consistency to apply but unfortunately the one I received had absolutely no scent. It was supposed to be vanilla orchid and as everyone knows vanilla is a very prominent scent in any product that contains it, but unfortunately mine did not smell of anything either with my nose in the pot or when applied to my skin.
Overall I am extremely impressed with all the bath products but would not recommend the body butter. I will most definitely be ordering myself a few of the bombs and bubble scoops though.
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