Hygge Box Review by Mel – May 2017 Box

One thing I absolutely love about what I do is that it’s a love and a passion. To me writing a review is exciting. I dive straight in, I never hang around where a box of goodies is involved.
I had to wait a whole day to unbox this one live on the BoXession Group, I didn’t even peek at all, so proud of my willpower. I have a tendency to lean towards the Beauty side of the box market for my own purchases, so when the opportunity presented itself for one of our Team to review Hygge Box for once I nominated myself. I think it is good sometimes to step away from your comfort zone. As a writer I could tell you all day long about my million face masks; and I do feel I am very honest in my reviews so you will get a genuine overall thought from me.
I would say this is a Family/Lifestyle box. Hygge is all about a feeling, and this Box is all about Presence and creating a cosy atmosphere. In other words filling your tummy with yummy treats and warming up with a cuppa.
I think I can just about manage to live with this concept.
This Box is the Dansk Deluxe box which costs £35 including postage, they also do a standard version of the Hygge Box which is £20.
I know you are all impatient so …
Whats in the Box?

  • A Sweet Wild note Hardcover Book by Richard Smyth RRP £14.99
  • Birdsong Bird Seed – 1 Packet – RRP Unknown
  • Naturale Di Java 10 Pack of Citronella Tealights – RRP £1.95
  • Premier LED Light Pull with bulb – RRP £7.99
  • Paul Hollywood Luxurious Belgian Chocolate Cookie Mix – RRP £2
  • Slim Jim Organic Pu’erh Tea 10g packet – RRP £6.50 for 50g so worth £1.30
  • Gnaw Chocolate Chompers Apple Pie – RRP £7 for 3 packets so worth £2.33
  • All over the World Polymer Clay 50g – RRP £1.77
  • Cowling & Wilcock A5 Skechbook – RRP 78p
  • Eckhart Tolle Print RRP Unknown

Total = £33.11 plus 2 items unknown cost
The pricing of the box equates to the value of the contents I would say, so no heavy saving on purchasing like some boxes.
My favourite item in this box has to be the Light Pull Bulb. I have been looking for one of these for my sons bunk beds, it’s perfect! I can tie it to the bottom bunk for him to read his books and he can pull it to turn it off when it is time to sleep. I have some similar things but bigger that I use in my shed and I love the concept of these. It is very safe too as its plastic and not glass.
The Citronella Tealights I will be able to use either when we BBQ, or I am toying with the idea of going to France for the summer again, and we live outside on the Veranda when we do so I can pop these in my suitcase!
I never seem to have the time these days to read a book, but I am going to make an effort to since I have very kindly been sent this. My lifestyle is so busy and when I do sit down it is to type or run the group. I do sometimes wonder how I fit it all in, but its my love. Yes that’s right I love you lot ha ha. So I plan on making a conscious effort to relax and read this and possibly even a weekend away is on the cards.
My son and I are going to make the cookies together, the kids have already eaten the Knaw treats, I think I blinked and missed it. Can’t even tell you if they are nice or not ha ha! My son also loves drawing and art so he has claimed the Skechbook.
We live in a small town and our house backs onto an old train line, we have lots of birds much to the amusement of our cat, Lilith. My son Joel has put the Birdsong seed out in our Garden for them.
The Polymer Clay is a new thing to me, I am unsure about this yet whether to try it or not, or whether it is out of my capability range. I do know someone who will get use out of this so I may gift it.
I am not a Tea drinker, but the man of the house is so I have donated this to him. I am a Coffee mad addict I’m afraid, but it will go to good use in his Lunch Box.
My Verdict?
I am impressed with how the box was crammed full, the concept of it means that if you are a Family with Children then there is bound to be something for everyone in this box. I think value wise it isn’t the best I have seen on the market but you aren’t losing out money, you are paying for exactly what you have got. I would like to review this one again to see what you get in other boxes.
I would like to thank Hygge Box for the opportunity, and BoXession members keep your eyes peeled on the discount section of our Website for any upcoming discounts on this box!
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