Treatbox Review by Michelle – July 2017

We all know how unpredictable Royal Mail can be, but somehow without fail my TreatBox arrives on my doorstep on the 1st of every month.
July’s TreatBox is full of summer vibes and perfect for the hot weather we’ve been having.
Yet again they’ve nailed those little finishing touches that I love about my TreatBox. To go with the summer theme this month’s lovely little treats are lovingly wrapped in hot pink tissue paper sealed with a cute “You’re One In A…Watermelon” sticker. It was also scattered with the cutest summer themed confetti, containing tiny cacti, pineapples and of course flamingos.
Before I even took the plastic off of my box this month there was the most gorgeous sweet scent. I actually thought it was coming from one of the swaps I’d received from a member of the BoXession Facebook Group, as that had come wrapped in reused tissue paper. Once I opened the tissue paper in my TreatBox It became clear where the scent was coming from, and there was a festival of colour for my eyes and the intense and delicious scent of pina colada. This gorgeous aroma was coming from the cute pink and white stripy bag of wax brittle made by the Simple Candle Co. Even if you don’t have a wax burner I think you’ll love this as the scent is filling my entire office as I type this. I’m not usually one for super sweet scents, but the mix of coconut and pineapple notes are so well balanced and rounded, that it never becomes over powering. As there’s a really decent amount of wax in the bag I think I’ll share a piece or two with a couple of my wax melt addict friends, as I know they’ll love it too.
Next my eyes were instantly drawn to the little bag of sugar coated watermelon sweets. I’m a Pick ‘n’ Mix fiend and always make sure I get some of these classic jelly sweets in my not so little cup, especially when Wilko’s has them on half price offer. I’m personally not a vegetarian; however, I know a lot of subscription box addicts are, and know they will be disappointed that these aren’t suitable for vegetarians or vegans. For me though they were irresistible, and one or two may have jumped into my mouth before I could take a photo of the box contents.
The next item I reached for was the curious little pink envelope that was sealed with a sticker saying “Aloha” with a picture of a pineapple on it. As I’ve said before I love these cute finishing touches. Inside was a high-quality enamel and metal pin badge on a card saying “You’re the Pineapple of my Eye”. I absolutely love a good pun, and think this would make a really cute gift to give to the one you love. I however am keeping mine, and it will join my “Happy Everything” pin badge from a previous Pink Parcel box that I have on the lapel of my summer anorak. As with lots of things that come in TreatBoxes, this item is a TreatBox exclusive.
Each month in TreatBox there is an A4 print, and this month’s is a cute print of cacti and succulents. I’m torn between hanging this in my office/craft room/beauty hoard hiding place and my kitchen, as I have cacti growing in vintage teacups in my office, and succulents growing in pots on my kitchen windowsill. In addition to the A4 print, there is also the cutest ever post card sized mini print of a fabulous flamingo, with the wording “Utterly Fabulous” on it. I was thrilled this is in the box, as I’ve started a postcard wall next to my desk which I’m slowly filling with cute mini prints, artists trading cards and postcards like the ones I receive in my Latest in Beauty boxes.
I love crafting, so the next item in this month’s box has got my creative juices flowing. I can’t decide whether to attach the flamingo and pineapple embroidered applique patches onto a piece of clothing, a tote bag, or maybe make myself a cushion cover. For those not as crafty as myself, the instructions to attach these iron on patches are really simple, and once you’ve chosen where to place you’re chosen patch they only take 35 seconds to secure them to the item of your choice. I really like this item, and would love to see more crafty items in future treat boxes.
Probably my favourite thing, and the item I’ll get the most use out of in this month’s box is the clear pencil case with the wording “A few of my favourite things” written on the front in hot pink text. Although it gives me slight vibes of the see-through pencil cases we were made to use when taking exams at school; I love it, as I’m always forgetting which makeup bag I’ve put my smaller beauty tools like my tweezers in. Hopefully this will mean less time spent searching for things when I’m getting ready, and less time with my husband moaning at me that I’m taking too long or that we’re late for something.
Last but certainly not least in July’s treatbox is probably the most fun item. It’s a set of 20 coloured and patterned paper straws, with four different design toppers on them, which are a watermelon, palm tree leaves (so the straw looks like a mini palm tree), a pineapple, and of course a flamingo. These are probably the only item I wouldn’t have bought myself, as my husband would no doubt have asked “why on earth have you bought that?”, as he does to some of my more random buys. They instantly make me want to have a summer party though, and I think they’d be perfect for both adults sipping their pina coladas or mojitos and kids drinking whatever it is kids drink nowadays (in my day it was Panda pops).
This is my third Treatbox, and as with the previous two I love everything in it. I love how all the items each month fit with the set theme, and how the themes are really on trend and fit with the time of year that they are sent out. I do however feel that compared to my previous boxes, this one does not feel as if it is as good value for money. It’s really difficult to price the contents of the box, as some things are exclusive to TreatBox, or do not have a brand name on them. I think if I had received this as my first TreatBox I would have really liked it, but maybe not have been so keen to subscribe to a full 12month subscription like I did with May’s box. If you’re unsure whether TreatBox is for you, I’d recommend that you look at my review of June 2017’s box.
Treatbox is available from for £12 including P&P on a rolling subscription, there are discounts available for 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. You can also buy one off boxes.
Why not check out our discount code page to see if we have any current exclusive discounts for TreatBox.
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