My Purrfect Gift Box Review by Michelle

What could be more purrfect for a crazy cat lady who loves subscription boxes, than a sub box that’s all about the lovely kitties in your life? My Purrfect Gift Box is just that kind of sub box. Each month they have a different themed box of goodies aimed at cat lovers. There is also an option to include items for your beloved moggy in the box. The lovely Kimberly from My Purrfect Gift Box sent me one of May 2017’s boxes to review, and I couldn’t have been more excited.
May’s theme was Cocktails, and I have to be honest I was unsure how the theme of cocktails could relate to a sub box aimed at cat lovers. I needn’t have been worried though, as the box was full of gorgeous products for both me and my cats that all fitted the theme of cocktails.
There was no missing what had arrived when my postie handed this box to me, with the gorgeous purple box. I love boxes that take time for those extra touches, and the ribbon bow and branded sticker holding my gifts secure in the matching purple tissue paper and shredded paper made it even more exciting and special to open.
My box came with a super cute hand-written card from Kimberly thanking me for reviewing the box for BoXession.
As with many boxes My Purrfect Gift box comes with a leaflet telling you about all the items in the box, it also contained information on a feline charity, and information on how to keep your feline friend hydrated, which is perfectly timed with the summer. I like to keep these leaflets aside until I’ve looked at all the items in the box, to keep the element of surprise.
The first item out of my box was a metal 10oz cocktail shaker, that has been customised with the My Purrfect Gift Box Logo. I don’t own a cocktail shaker, and this one is the perfect size for cheeky cocktails for one. It also feels like its great quality and will last for years.
Alongside the cocktail shaker were four postcard sized cocktail recipe cards, all with cute and funny cat pun names like “The Purrfect Nap”. They were held together with the cutest cat shaped paperclip and printed on high quality glossy card. I’m a bit of a cocktail novice, so I’m looking forward to trying these recipes. I’ll also be using the paperclip as I’m a big stationary fan.
Staying on the theme of cocktails is the black cat shaped Meow corkscrew. We’re always losing the corkscrew in my house so I was thrilled to find this in the box. As with the cocktail shaker it feels really well made and high quality. I think this alone would make a great gift for a cat lover, as its packaged perfectly for wrapping up, and isn’t just a cheap novelty item.
Next out was a set of four cat head felt coasters. I love these and have been looking for a set of felt coasters for ages, as they soak up any drips without damaging your furniture. These ones are really good quality thick felt that isn’t floppy, with what feels like a rubberised non-slip backing. They are handmade by Maria’s Handmade Bags who can be found on Etsy. Now just to teach my husband to actually use a coaster.
The final item in the box aimed at humans was another handmade item that has been created exclusively for My Purrfect Gift Box, a set of four cute, quirky and classy wine glass charms. Each has a different cat image on to help differentiate your glasses when having a dinner party. I can’t wait to throw my next dinner party and show these off, as I’m sure they’ll get lots of positive comments off my guests.
The rest of the items in my box have been tried and tested by my cute but crazy cats, Barney and Nev.
As you may have seen in my live unboxing video, which is still available on the BoXession Facebook group, Barney and Nev loved the first cat gift out the box. It was a felt wine bottle catnip toy handmade by Etsy seller OnTheGoWithRo. My two go mad for catnip, and it’s hilarious watching them play with it, as it’s the perfect size to look like they’re playing with their very own wine bottle. I had to steal it off them much to their dismay to photograph for the blog. They now have it back, and it’s definitely become one of their favourite toys.
Ever since my husband saw an internet advert for it, he’s wanted to buy some cat wine for Barney and Nev, so we were both so excited to find the little bottle of Purrgundy in the box. The anticipation of the chaos they would cause after drinking this non-alcoholic wine that has catnip in it couldn’t have been higher. Unfortunately, Barney and Nev can be fussy little monkeys and they aren’t interested in it at all. I’ll be giving this to my cat mad mother in-law to see if her cats appreciate it more.
Last but not least out of the box was a pouch of Almo Nature Raw Pack cat food. My cats eat dry food for their meals, but I have given them it as a treat and it disappeared from their bowls in seconds. This food has no additives, and is all natural. I know that raw food is becoming very popular with pet owners, so I imaging this brand will go far.
As you’ve probably worked out, everyone in my house loves this box. I personally love handmade items, and supporting small businesses, and it looks like My Purrfect Gift Box does too. There isn’t one poor quality or tacky item in the box, which could easily happen with a box aimed at cat lovers. I think it would make the perfect gift for any of the cat lovers in your life, and I’ll definitely be buying at least one for a Christmas present this year. This box is on the higher price end of the monthly boxes; however, I’m sure you’ll agree from the price breakdown below, it is definitely value for money. If you’re a cat owner you’ll know that cats love all boxes, but I think this has to be Barney and Nev’s favourite to date.
Box Price (based on a rolling subscription) £30.50
Cocktail Shaker : £15.99
Wine Glass Charms: £12.99
Cat Head Felt Coasters: £12.00
Meow Waiters Corkscrew: £10.99
Wine Bottle Cat Nip Toy: £4.79
Cat Wine (Purrgandy) : £3.44
Almo Nature Raw Pack – Approx 71p
Total: £60.91
Saving: £30.41
If you like the look of My Purrfect Gift Box, it can be bought as a rolling subscription or one-off box from . If you enter your email address on the pop-up on the My Purrfect Gift Box site you will be sent a 10% off code for your first subscription order. There is also a shop on their website where you can buy separate items out of their previous months boxes.
July’s box is currently available on their site and has the theme of under the sea. I can’t wait to see what’s in the July box, I’m thinking Mer-cats and Cat-Fish.
To view my UnBoxing Video, click play below…


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