Fred's Box Review by Joel & Mel – June 2017

Fred’s Mystery Box

I have had a very excitable Joel on my hands for the last couple of days since Fred’s Box offered to send me one of their Mystery Boxes for him to do a Live unboxing. It arrived very swiftly via 1st Class Large letter Royal Mail. The box is letterbox friendly which is always great for people who aren’t home to catch the postie!
I think Joel asked me every 5 minutes what time he could do his Live unboxing Video on Wednesday after School. He is a YouTuber and gamer already (no idea where he gets this from) so I had confidence in his ability at doing Videos, in fact he knows more than I do ! ha ha!
The link to Joel’s video on the BoXession Page if you would like to see it and missed it is:
The cost of this Box is £11.99 plus £2 postage. They guarantee that it will be filled with at least 8 awesome items on their Website. You can buy these as a one off or a rolling subscription and the price does not alter. You can choose the gender and age. They start from age 3, and stop at 7+. They even have an option where you can message them requirements, which I think is Fab!
When we opened the box it has ‘Designed by Marlo @ Fred’s Box’ on a sticker on the inside of the lid. Everything was very neatly packaged and placed inside a layer of bubble wrap and white with orange tissue paper.
What’s in the Box?

  • Glow in the Dark Whirlerz Fidget Spinner
  • 1 Pack of 10 Transformers TOPPS Collectors Cards
  • Star Wars Collectable Wristband – Captain Plasma
  • Lego Star Wars Book – A New Hope RRP £4.99
  • Shaun the Sheep – Flockstars
  • DC Comics Ooshies – Red Tornado
  • 4 x Fred’s Box Post Cards
  • 1 x Fred’s Box Blue Crayon
  • 1 x Fred’s Box Sticker

Glow in the Dark Whirlerz Fidget Spinner – For ages 8+. Joel absolutely loves these, this is his 4th one. He wants to have the largest collection known to humanity, or so he tells me! Fred’s Box inform me that one of these is in every first box. I would put this at about £5 value as I know what he has paid for others.
Transformers TOPPS Collectors Cards – For ages 6+, 170 to collect. I do not know the value of a pack of these.
Star Wars Collectable Wristband – 3 to collect. The one Joel got is Captain Plasma. The other 2 are BB8 and Kylo Ren. Hilariously I named them wrong on the Live Video, and my partner and Joel were both firing jokes at my expense all night afterwards. I am outnumbered 3 to 1 in this house.
Lego Star Wars Book – A New Hope – 30 colour page storybook. This retails at £4.99, a glossy page lovely reading book. Joel reads a lot so this is one for the book shelf. I also like to keep the nicer books like these to pass down to his little Brother Archie who is age 2.
Shaun the Sheep Flockstars – 14 to collect – comes with mini figure, card and booklet. This one is Timmy! I was more happy about this than Joel as my youngest son Archie LOVES Timmy Time. I mean he never stops watching it, I even have 12 DVD’s in the car. Joel has gifted this to him and he is made up with carrying him around in his pocket!
DC Comics Ooshies – 40 to collect. Fred’s Box advertise on their Website that you will never get the same one twice in one of their boxes which is great as it avoids duplicates and swapping at School.
Fred’s Box Post Cards, Crayon and Sticker. We were told that if you draw on one of them and post back directly to Fred’s Box then you are entered into a competition. I love little touches like that, its something different and personal. The Fred’s Box crayons I presume you collect all of the colours too. Joel is a budding little artist, so will definitely be sending the Postcard.
It is worth mentioning that they also do Ooshies only Boxes, starting at just £3.99.
Mel’s Verdict?
I was aware that Fred’s Box used to be Lego Minifigures and that this is a complete remodel of their business to suit a wider audience. I have purposely not looked at the spoilers online so that I did not know what was in the box.
I am very impressed, so much so that I will be ordering this for Joel, and possibly Archie when he gets a little older. I have been buying different Subscription Boxes for my Family for years, so I have seen and tried a lot and when something is good and worthwhile then I will buy it. I cannot put a total value on this box but I would estimate at £18-£20 so I feel it is good value. While my little collector continues to enjoy these, they will continue to arrive monthly through our Letterbox.
Joel’s Verdict?
He says that his favourite item is the Fidget Spinner, the mention of a Batman one being available has sent him into overdrive.
He was most surprised at liking the Post Cards that he can return to Fred’s Box and enter the competition to win Goodies.
He dislikes the cards as he is only a Pokemon card collector and according to Joel I should know that already!
He said he is excited for his next Fred’s Box already.

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If you would like to purchase a Fred’s Box or an Ooshie Box then you can do so via their Website. They also have a great presence on Social Media so I will post their links below….

Joel’s YouTube Channel is – Hunterelf 456
Here are his unboxing Videos for Fred’s Box…


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