Flawless Skincare Review by Mel

I know I do repeat myself, but when I say I am humbled by people and their complimentary words to me… I mean it.
I was out with my family when the lovely Danielle who is the Owner and Founder of Flawless Skincare sent me a message. She commented on another review I had done and said she just had to message me (I blushed.. seriously!!)
I think anyone that has been a member for a while now will get the jist of which Admin love which products. Well if you say the words Skincare or Face Mask to me its like my ears will prick up. I have been battling with my skin, its combination and let me tell you some days I wish it was just one or the other. We all want what we can’t have, right? but when one area is flaking like an indoor snow machine and the other is like I have spent a night in the Chippy (wiping my face on the counter, not eating) it is a constant battle.
I keep trying new things, it is a struggle and one of the main reasons I really got into my boxes as you get so many sample sizes that are big enough to test out.
I received the following 3 items from Flawless Skincare worth £47.50 total:
•Miracle Berry Face Wash 50ml Pump Bottle RRP£12.50
•Miracle Berry Microdermabrasion Face Scrub 60ml Jar RRP£15
•Miracle Berry 2in1 Serum and Moisturiser 60ml Jar RRP£20
I cannot even explain to you what a gorgeous smelling product does to me. I am like a child at a sweet counter getting excited at the thought of the sugar rush. This is my thing, beauty is my thing. Getting to trial these products only adds another layer to my love. The absolute first thing I ALWAYS do is smell things! If its weird then I am weird haha. When I opened these my nose went into sensory overload! It really lives up to the ‘MiracleBerry’… its like a cross between Starburst and clay. It is so hard to explain, its fresh and clean with a twist of sweet.
I explained to Danielle that to give a thorough review the best thing for me to do was to trial all 3 products for a good week whilst not using anything else. This could have gone drastically wrong of course but it is the only way to know exact results.
So…. I can tell you that I am AMAZED, I mean you genuinely won’t get an amazed by me unless I mean it. I never really hold back my true feelings as you all know.
The Microdermabrasion Face Scrub is clay like in texture with really fine particles. You use this for 2 minutes in circular motions before the face wash. This surprised me the most as I thought I would still have excess dry skin. I am not going to deny that I was a twice a day PIXI glow tonic user – well I haven’t used it at all. I was scared as I was going on holiday and so I took it along with me just in case … I genuinely haven’t touched it. 6 months I have been using it for. I am still in shock. I was driving the car back home from Northumberland touching my own face…. I am not even joking! It is soft and smooth, even texture. I am so impressed.
The Face Wash I didn’t think I would like as I usually go for foaming ones. I use a Foreo as some of you know. The texture of the Face Wash is creamy, the colour pure white. I really like the pump bottle as it is so easy to use. I used it in the normal way both with and without my Foreo. If you are a take the oil out kind of person (I am) then this is for you. My skin felt squeaky clean after washing it off, no residue on my skin whatsoever! It has the same Berry like smell as the Microdermabrasion but with an added hint of lemon to this one I think.
Lastly but certainly not least is the 2 in 1 Serum and Moisturiser. I am too excited, this stuff for anyone with combination skin is a MUST BUY, do not pass go, do not collect £100 just go straight to the Flawless Skincare Website and BUY IT! I even messaged Danielle to explain how impressed I am with this. It seeps right into the skin even if you slap a load on like I did… I always do this, I try a lot first to see what will happen. I then reduce the amount slowly to see if my skin will adjust to it. The teller with me is always after a couple of hours. If I look like I have been for a 10 mile run and its sweating out of my pores then it will not work for me. I have tried over 100 different creams and serums. I feel like I am banging my head against a wall most of the time, but its why I love the group. I try and swap – but no more. I will be buying this again, the pot is going to last me forever though as it is huge! The cream dries matte and you can barely feel it on your skin. This also contains SPF25 which means no nasty sun cream on my face ever again! I am in love, Thank you Danielle your work here is done!
I already buy the Bright Eyes eye cream from Flawless Skincare – I love it but was having problems reaching the bottom of the glass jar with my long nails. I now use a little eye shadow brush and it works a treat. I have been using it for a couple of months now and it seems to be lasting forever. It is very cooling on the eyes and more of a gel with no sticky residue. I have noticed a difference with my dark circles definitely, I don’t really think anything out there will ever rid them completely. This costs just £12.50 for a 15ml jar!
I think the prices for the size of the products is amazing. I love the glass pots, bottles and jars as I can recycle them when I have used them all too. The branding is clean, the Rabbit I am guessing is to show that the products are Vegan and Vegetarian? I like it, a lot.
So what you need to do is head over to http://www.flawlessskincare.co.uk you won’t only be buying some amazing products, but also supporting one lady who has spent years researching and creating her own Business.
The link to their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/flawlessskincareuk
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/flawless.sc/
Thank you my lovelies for reading
Mel x

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