Boxcitement Review by Mel – June 2017

As you all know, last month I reviewed the ‘Lost in the Woods’ Boxcitement edition…

Following the review, I had a lovely email from Deb at Boxcitement asking me if I would review the June Box. When I explain to you all that it overwhelms me that people seem to enjoy what I write, I don’t know how else to explain it other than that I am humbled. Yes I have a passion and drive for these things, but to know that I can convey this passion to such a wide audience does often leave me lost for words … yes, I know you all find that hard to believe, ha!
So the Postie was on form today with this in my bundle of goodies. You can spot this box immediately due to the ‘Boxcitement Consignment’ tape. I was armed with the scissors this time to snip it carefully open. I am half tempted to re seal it this time just so I can do the thing, you know the I can’t get in the box fast enough thing.
The first thing I see is these little felt confetti discs in bright pastels. I have said it before about this box, its the detail that sets this apart. The edges of the Boxcitement printed tissue are folded exactly to the shape of the box. I am slightly OCD, it is quite well known … attention to detail is a huge thing as it will set you apart from the competition. That is my view anyway, it can’t only be me who thinks this ?! (tell me I’m not alone).
As with last Month, there is a Card taped to the inside of the lid with the Theme details…

This Month’s Theme is Cutie Fruity!

The reverse of the card details the exact contents:
Inside your box you’ll find…

  • A roll of custom designed washi tape
  • A jumbo metallic fruity fridge magnet
  • A banana eraser in a cosy fruit basket
  • A fruit cocktail coaster kit with drink recipes
  • A fruit punch long-length necklace
  • A mounted art print – arty fruity!
  • A set of stylish notecards with envelopes
  • A bright bookmark for when its ‘lime’ to read!
  • A pack of succulent stickers for brightening up anything from lunchboxes to mirrors …

You know what they do with this Box is so different to any other I have tried yet. They set an idea, a feeling. Even though the items are used for different things the theme runs throughout. This one is definitely letting you know that Summer is fast approaching. What better time to do this than 2 days before I am about to set off on Holiday for a long weekend!
I am dying to know who makes all these things for them as a lot of the labelling is marked ‘made for boxcitement’ or stamped with their logo. I have said it before, anyone can do a box. You can get 5 items and stick a lid on it, but to make something like this involves a lot of thought.
I noticed the little organza bag straight away because last months contained the Bracelet. I am chuffed to bits with this gorgeous necklace. Perfect for summer, light and a leather rope chain. Metal can be irritating in the heat, I am taking this in my suitcase on Friday.
The coaster set/straws with the recipes on is also coming on holiday. We will make some of these as we are staying in like a posh caravan I suppose it is? Dare I even say this… its better to make mess somewhere I don’t have to scrub clean ha ha. Plus we have an outdoor BBQ area so Cloudy Lemonade all round sounds lush!
The Stationery items are a Bookmark, a really cute Banana Eraser (it even has a smiling face!) A set of fruity note cards with envelopes, some fruity vinyl stickers and the tape!. I really do love the tape. I am currently making a memory scrapbook for my Grandma and the Vinyls and the tape are perfect. The Bookmark has been claimed by Joel (age 9) and the cards will be lovely as Thank You notes to Teachers or even group members?
The mounted art print definitely suits my home, its very unusual I suppose like me? Unique, yes thats the word ha ha. I am going to buy a Frame and put it up on my Bedroom wall.
Lastly there is a Large Watermelon magnet. I don’t have a fridge.. well I do its one of those you cant see as its built in. One day I will get my way and own a SMEG… until then this has a new home on the Convection Oven/Microwave next to the cute Christmas Magnet of my boys.
The pricing of this Box depends on the length of Subscription:

  • 12 Months will cost you £15 a month but you have to pay this upfront (£180).
  • 6 months at £16 a month (£96 upfront), 3 months at £17 a month (£51 upfront).
  • Recurring monthly payments of £18.

All of the prices include P&P, so no extra hidden fees.
The Code ‘FIRSTBOX’ will get you 10% off your first monthly delivery.

My Verdict?

I love this box, its cute, fun, well thought out. The service is there with this company too. Customer Service is a HUGE deal to me. This isn’t just a Hobby for me, its a passion. I say this all of the time to you on the group… would I recommend something to you all that I wouldn’t buy myself? No, I really wouldn’t. Boxcitement are guaranteed to deliver not only a box of treats every month where you will never get the same thing twice, but also they will deliver on service. You can tell a lot by communication from people, even when via email or messages on the BoXession Group. Deb has been both friendly and professional and you can tell this company is her baby down to every last detail in these Boxes.
To purchase one of these Boxes, or to find out more about Boxcitement, here are the links:
Thank you again for the opportunity, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this!
Mel x

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