Look Fantastic Review by Mel – May 2017

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Since I cancelled my Birchbox in April, I have been doing my research on a replacement box. For those of you who don’t know, Birchbox cancelled their review points scheme which was a huge selling point for me on the value of their boxes.
I already pay for Roccabox, which for me is a keeper, and billed at only £10 plus p&p monthly I can afford to pay for a second. The great thing is that in my line of work/fun I get to research all of the boxes. On the group there are always spoilers and recommendations, so you all help me too… I am learning all of the time.
I have previously had a one off box from Look Fantastic through TopCashback when they had a sign up offer for a FREE Box… yes, I ordered a freebie…I am so easily led! I was very impressed and so have been keeping an eye on this box since. The spoilers this month dragged me into a Subscription, it was not my fault at all!
How Look Fantastic works 
The difference with this Subscription is they are billed monthly regardless of the length of time you sign up for, so no expensive outlay to get the boxes for less.

  • One off Box – £15
  • 3 Month Subscription – £14.50 billed monthly
  • 6 Month Subscription – £13.75 billed monthly
  • 12 Month Subscription – £13 billed monthly

All of the above prices include P&P. I always like to get a further bargain, so I researched any Cashback offers and found one on TopCashback for £21 cash back if you sign up to a 12 Month Deal. Now if yo deduct that per month my actual cost for this box is £11.25 A MONTH INCLUDING P&P! Bargain !!
What is in the Box? ok … what is SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE BOX!

  • Mellow Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow
  • System Professional Solar Sun Oil
  • Nuface by Carol Cole Prep-N-Glow (1 Dual-sided Cloth)
  • Scrub Love Hydrating Coconut Oil Body Scrub in Coconut Cranberry
  • Real Chemistry – Probably Luminous 3-Minute Peel
  • James Read Gradual Tanner H2O Tan Mist
  • Glov Hydro Demaquillage Quick Treat

Mid typing this review I have just realised I am MISSING AN ITEM! I do not have the Real Chemistry Peel in my box, sob sob. I will email Look Fantastic and hopefully they will send me one.
The Box itself is divine, its shiny and a quality feel to it. I know its only a box but when you see as many as I do the pretty ones do stand out. You also get a FREE Elle magazine which retails at £4.30. I am not a huge fan of the Magazine, but its a lovely freebie.
Even the Beauty pamphlet that comes inside the box has a quality feel to it. They really do make an effort to think about these boxes.
I can’t say one item I dislike or won’t use, as you can probably guess I chose to sign up because of this box after watching a YouTube unboxing video.
I have tried the Scrub Love which smells amazing, it was a little messy but you do expect it. The bag is resealable.
The little glove for washing your face is adorable and soft. I am happy to try alternatives to cotton pads as I go through so many.
The hair oil is a perfect size to take on my holiday on Friday, as my other bottle I am currently using is huge. More room for shoes is a bonus!
The baked eyeshadow will get used but I don’t wear makeup every day so I haven’t tried it out yet.
I really feel that overall (even though they missed an item out of my box) The Look Fantastic Box is worth every penny. I am in it for the long haul now so I will review my box every month for you Lovely Lot!
If you are interested in purchasing this Box, you can do so via the link below …
I hope you enjoyed my review!
Mel x

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