A Box of Happiness Review by Katieemma

This is a box I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing for both of the reasons that I loved the contents and also because of why I received this box.
I received this box after winning a competition as I had been nominated along with two other group members for “member of the month” in our fantastic Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/boxession/ which was a very proud moment for me, just being nominated out of 2000 members was amazing in itself. The box was donated by the lovely Zoe York at https://aboxofhappiness.co.uk
I received the box on the morning of my birthday so I was extra excited to finally have it in my hands. It arrived as a small square orange box sealed with a colourful sticker sealing the box with the company logo on it, when opening the box I was greeted with more colourful packaging candy stripe tissue paper protecting the goodies inside, I was very impressed with the consistency of the packaging alone as it flowed beautifully from receiving the box and opening it through to taking out each individual item which was also packaged and labelled with stickers with all the same branding and bright happy colours along with an information leaflet about the products. Contained in the box was also a business card and a postcard with a lovely inspirational quote on it “put on your positive pants” which had a handwritten thank you note from Zoe York, very lovely personal touch, I loved it. I know I am rambling on about packaging and you are all here for a review of the beauty products but I was just so impressed.
The first product I noticed was the huge blue bath fizzer “dream in blue” and oh my what a fab name as it was an absolute dream, all day I could smell it, teasing me to use it so I did. The smell was amazing and sweet, it was a sweet floral scent and very soothing but also reminded me of play doh, it made me want to fall asleep in my bath and dream of being a small child again with not a single stress or worry in the world. Possibly the most soothing scent I have ever used in the bath.
The morning after I used the steamer packet, a brown paper packet full of flower petals, buds and essential oil. As instructed I popped these in a bowl of boiling water and with a towel over my head I sat and steamed my face. This was the ultimate relaxation steam facial, it was very relaxing; the aroma was very heady and made me feel like I was having an aromatherapy treatment in a spa, I would absolutely die for this same aroma in an oil. The aroma really hung about and lingered too so my house smelled beautiful all day. I really enjoyed this smell.
A few days later I decided to sample the face mask, the mask came in a little glass jar and looked creamier than the type of mud mask I am used to. The description was superfood face mask with acai, goji and lemon. When I applied it I was surprised at how far the mask actually went, I will easily get 5 applications out of this tiny jar. It was quite slimy and creamy feeling on my face and I was not too impressed while I had it on, as it seemed to separate quite a lot. The smell was not the best smell in the world but not at all overpowering so once on my face I could not smell it at all so that was absolutely fine. I left it on for 10 minutes and after not initially being impressed with the smell, texture and the separation I was quite surprised to realise I loved it. When I had rinsed off my skin was absolutely lovely, it was fresh looking, so soft and really hydrated so after all that it’s a massive thumbs up from me.
The last item I used and I am still using now was the candle; it was in a cute glass jar and in the fragrance “linen fresh”. It was absolutely adorable looking and looked really lovely on my shabby chic sideboard, the fragrance was very crisp and clean smelling and stronger than I expected. I really like it and don’t want it to ever burn out.
Overall I was very impressed with everything in the box, I would certainly recommend it and I think it’s the perfect box if you need a gift for someone special. I think just about anyone would love “a box of happiness” and that’s exactly what it is… a little orange box bursting with happiness.
Katieemma xxx

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