Artemis & Xena Review by Beckie – May 2017

The lovely Ani, Artemis and Xena sent out the most lovely sub box I have ever received and honestly it’s fabulous! It’s a well being Box so contains a little bit of everything. What’s not to love?!
With myself being the newest of our Admin ladies to Sub boxes, only really being an on off subscriber for almost 2 years I fell in love with this as soon as I opened it. Most of you would have seen my live unboxing and how utterly excited I was so here is the follow up written review along with photos for any of you that missed it or want to know a little more about the box.
The contents were as follows;

  • Spacemask RRP £15 for a Box of 5
  • Help me organics “unbelievably dreamy” room spray RRP £6.50
  • Mocha and canine fruit bar RRP 0.72p
  • Aquamax Cream RRP £3.49 per 100ml
  • Nail stickers
  • Elf 5 piece shimmer eyeliner set RRP £6.00
  • Compact Mirror RRP £6.50
  • Journal RRP 6.15
  • Pukka herbs green tea RRP £2.49 per Box
  • Artemis & Xena hair tie RRP £2.99
  • Colourful elastic hair ties
  • Mini Nail File
  • Simply Argan night argan oil sachet
  • Free gift- Silver sequin make up bag/clutch bag

Cost of Box £16.00
Cost of contents over £50 as a couple of items were not specified on cost.
So first of all you can see there is a HUGE amount of savings with this Box, and also the fact that it contains skincare, make up, stationary and other little essentials is a winner in my eyes.
The first product I tested was the aquamax cream. This is described as perfect for someone with dry skin or eczema and as I suffer with dry skin alongside weather change I found this to be a great product and very light to apply, not leaving your skin sticky like some moisturisers can do. When this is all gone I’ll be stocking up on the full size 100ml as for £3.49 over the cost of £20 of my usual Clarins this is a no brained really.
I also had my Pukka green tea the same day and the flavour was very subtle, so very easy to drink, as I am not usually a fan of green tea. This product is organic and caffeine/vegan free.
The next product I chose to try out was the night time Argan oil, which felt a bit funny at first, as I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of oil or greasy feeling products but I went for it and tried it before I went to bed. When I woke up my skin looked and felt radiant and glowed very nicely. Not a dry patch in sight so again a perfect product for someone with skin like mine, or a great enhancer for someone with naturally normal type skin.
The ELF eye pencils are fabulous! Very glitter based, easy to apply and full of colour. My favourite being the teal/green shade as I thought it brought out my green eyes, although not hard as they’re already very large haha!!
My boyfriend won the argument of trying the Caffeine bar, and a very good argument indeed as he’s a lot more active than myself, and he said as a morning snack alongside his protein shake, this was great. He thought it would be a good item to buy to have everyday to keep him going until lunchtime.
The journal and compact mirror have been put straight into my handbag and are very handy, and well worth the money, as well as the hair tie as I’m forever loosing them!
I used the Spacemask Friday evening and my goodness, I felt like I had no care in the world, and very relaxed. As explained on my leaflet this mask has been rated one of the best beauty products to help you fall asleep, and to say I was dazed when I took it off would be an understatement.
Each item is photographed below and I’ll reiterate again how good this Box is value for money wise. If you like a bit of everything then this Box is for you don’t forget they’re also now going quarterly as a posed to being a monthly sub Box and you can receive 10% off your first Box with ‘BOXESSION10’, this makes it a STEAL at only £14.40!
To watch my Unboxing Video click play below…

To purchase one of these Fabulous Boxes you can do so via their Website …
They also have a Facebook Page if you want to give them a like or a share …
Thank you again to Ani and the sisterhood at Artemis and Xena you will be seeing my subscription as soon as it is available on your website.
Beckie xx

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