Pink Parcel review by Michelle – May 2017

Every month I get super excited when I receive a txt message from Royal Mail telling me that they are going to attempt to deliver my parcel from It’s A Monthly Thing Limited, as it means it’s Pink Parcel time again.
I’ve been a subscriber for about 18 months now, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. Obviously like any subscription box, I’ve received items that aren’t for me, but luckily this has been few and far between.
Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that delivers your sanitary items straight to your door, so you don’t have to worry about getting to that time in the month and realising that you don’t have any in the house (we’ve all done that). Or sending your partner out to buy you some, and them coming home with completely the wrong thing. When it comes to the sanitary items you have the choice between pads and tampons, or a mixed box containing both. You can then select what type of flow you have, and pick from a range of big name brands including Tampax, Always, and even Organyc Tampons which are made from 100% organic cotton. Since I began subscribing the range of brands has increased to fit more women’s sanitary preferences, and I think that’s great to see.
Each month in addition to your sanitary products you always receive tea, something sweet like chocolate or brownies, and a selection of beauty products. Some boxes have also included lifestyle products like earrings, pin badges, hair ties and even a pair of socks.
When you open the recyclable cardboard box, you are greeted by a selection of smaller boxes marked for later (keep these close by), for night (use these at bedtime) and for you (a little something to cheer you up). In addition to these there is a cute black cotton pouch with for now (Keep these in your bag). There is also a booklet telling you all about what products are in your box, and usually an envelope containing discount codes for different companies. As I know that the other boxes and pouch have my monthly sanitary items in them, I always grab the For You box first.
This month I managed not to peek at any spoilers, so all the items inside were a surprise to me. It was also a surprise to see how bulging the box was with goodies all for me. I’ve tested all but two of the items in this month’s box already and here’s how I got on:
The first thing I tried was Willie’s Cacao….. Obviously!
I’ve seen a television programme all about Willie (Not that kind, naughty!), but never tried his chocolate. This month’s subscribers could have received one of 3 flavours; I received Milk of the Gods, which is a milk chocolate. This is definitely an adult milk chocolate; if you like sugary, creamy chocolate like my husband you may not like it, but I thought it was delicious and have the empty wrapper sat next to me silently judging me for gobbling it up so quickly.
Next was the Tea, which I’m sipping as I write. It’s from a brand I’ve not heard of before – Ace Tea London, and is Hot Ginger Green Tea flavour. This one was always going to be a love or loathe for me, as I love all things ginger flavoured, but can’t stand green tea. Luckily it is a love from me, as the fiery ginger flavour is delicious, and I can’t tell that there’s even a leaf of green tea in there. Maybe I might be brave and try some different flavoured green teas, now I’ve enjoyed this so much. A warning for those not used to drinking herbal teas, it’s not the most attractive looking drink once brewed, kind of reminiscent of when you’ve not drunk enough water, but please don’t let that put you off.
The item in this month’s box that surprised me the most was the one I tried next, the Trust Fund Beauty, Nail Polish in Kiss Kiss Darling. This month’s subscribers received one of three colour options. Nail Polish in a beauty box is something I really don’t like, as I’ve received so many that feel like they are shades the brand couldn’t shift, especially shades of grey. When I opened the box I was so glad to see the deep sexy red and not yet another grey nail polish. Trust Fund Beauty isn’t a brand I’ve come across before, and the packaging says that it is non-toxic, ‘10 free’, cruelty free and vegan. I’ll be honest, when I read this I had visions of a thin nail polish that I’d need to apply hundreds of layers to get a decent coverage. Boy was I wrong; one swipe of the brush was all I needed as its highly pigmented and just the right thickness. I’ll be interested to see how long it lasts, as usually by day 2 my nails look chipped and terrible when I paint them. This is definitely a product I’ll be recommending to my friends who prefer cruelty free products, and I’ll keep an eye out for other products from this brand.
As anyone I work with will tell you, I’m constantly eating something so the biscuits were my next item of choice. Yet another brand I haven’t heard of before Rhythm 108, Ooh-La-La Tea BiscuitsLemon & Ginger flavour. As I’ve said I adore anything that’s ginger flavoured, so I was excited to try these. They are gluten free, dairy free, and organic. It may have been my eagerness to try them, but I really struggled to open the foil packet. Once opened though, I was met by a cute little greaseproof paper tray holding two good sized biscuits. Like the chocolate, these didn’t last long, they tasted super buttery, even though they are dairy free, had the right amount of crunch and the balance of lemon and ginger was just perfect. If you’re anything like me and eat at your desk a lot, the little tray is great for keeping crumbs off your keyboard and germs off your biscuits. At £12 per box of 12, they are a little pricy for me to replace my usual value gingernut biscuits, but I’ll definitely consider buying them as a treat for myself or a gift for others in the future.
It’s starting to sound like I know nothing about brands, but yep up next was another brand I’ve not heard of and another organic product, Mount Purious, Rosewater Facial Toner. I’ve no idea if spray toners actually make my skin any better, but I love a refreshing spritz of facial toner in the morning, or if I get a bit hot during the day. I’ve heard that rosewater is amazing for your skin, so I spritzed away. To my slight shock the spray wasn’t as fine as my usual spray toner, so it felt a bit like I’d been splashed in the face. It soon absorbed into my skin though, and the gentle and soothing rose scent is was so relaxing. For £2.99 I think it’s a good price for the perfect handbag sized bottle to carry around and refresh your face during the hotter months. I’ve yet to try it while wearing make-up, but I’m already considering buying another bottle when this one runs out.
In my opinion you can’t go wrong with putting a make-up brush in a beauty subscription box, so I was thrilled to receive the Flawless – Blusher Brush in this month’s pink parcel. I’ve not yet tried it out, but it’s ridiculously soft, and I love the bamboo handle. The brush head is considerably smaller than my current blusher brush, but maybe this is a good thing, and I’ll be less likely to look like a clown when I use this one.
Next up something I can’t wait to try out in the morning Scrub Love, Invigorating Coffee Body Scrub – Coconut Affair. I’ve tried coffee body scrubs before, and other than the terrible state they’ve left my shower in I’ve absolutely loved them. Coffee and coconut are two things I love to consume in ridiculous amounts, and scents I never get bored of so this is the perfect ingredient combination for me. It does say on the pack that it is for normal/oily skin, and my skin tends to be more on the normal/dry side; so it may not work the best for me, but I’m sure I’ll still enjoy testing it out.
Last but not least is the Bic, Miss Soleil – 3 blade razor. I hate spending money on razors, but they are one of those products that unless I can one day afford to have my unwanted hair lasered off, or one of those magical light things that Philips do that stops your hairs growing, I’m going to have to keep buying. I’ve tried other Bic disposable razors before, and been happy with them so I imagine this one will do the job well too. I do like that there is a vitamin E infused strip, and that there is a funky flower design on the handle. I personally really like the vivid pink colour, but know it’s not for everyone. I plan on taking this razor with me when I next go away on holiday, or using as a back-up when I run out of razor blades and need an emergency hair removal session.
The discount codes in this months box are for:
50% off at Somor – A company that makes personalised wish bracelets with Arabic letter designs. They look gorgeous, but still very pricy even with the 50% off code. You can receive 50% off your order at Somor if you go to
20% off Flawless Makeup Brushes
20% off at – a company that delivers pouches of ingredients prepared ready to be blended into smoothies.
I choose pads as my option for the sanitary products in my Pink Parcel, and have never found that they don’t send me enough. Before writing this review, I hadn’t bothered to count how many of each pad I received, but in case you’re worried you won’t get enough, I received:
16 day time pads
5 night time pads
5 panty liners
Usually after a few months I find I have lots of spares, so I like to donate them to my local women’s refuge.
Overall May’s box has been one of my favourite Pink Parcels yet. I love trying out new brands and products, and there hasn’t been any item that I’ve been disappointed with, or won’t use at some point in the near future. Sorry ladies, there’ll be no swaps this month; I’m keeping all these fab products to myself. As I sit here with one red finger nail, my belly full of chocolate, biccies and tea, and my face feeling refreshed and smelling of roses; there’s no way I’ll be cancelling my subscription any time soon.
If you’ve enjoyed my review and haven’t tried Pink Parcel before, they have an offer on their website where you can receive your first box for just £6.99 instead of £10.50. There are also several discount codes available on our facebook group, including £5 off your first box, and your first 3 boxes for £6.99.

Ace Tea Hot Ginger Green Tea – 33p
Willie’s Cacao (Milk of the Gods) – £1.00
Rhythm 108 Ooh-La-La Tea Biscuits, Lemon and Ginger – £1
Scrub Love, Coconut Affair – £3.49
Bic ‘Miss Soleil’ Razor – 75p
Flawless Brushes, Blusher Brush – £9.99
Trust Fund, Nail Polish (Kiss Kiss Darling) – £12
Mount Purious, Rose Water Facial Toner – £2.99
Products value – £31.55
Sanitary Products – Approx. £5
Box Value – £36.55
Box Cost – £10.50 (including P&P)
Saving – £26.05
Michelle Johnson 13/05/2017

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