Angela Langford Skincare Samples Review by Mel

I am always interested in trying new Skincare. I am 33 years old and I still haven’t managed to perfect my routine. It wasn’t that long ago I believed that all I needed was some cheap face wash from the Supermarket and a bit of Nivea during Winter. Well, I was wrong. My skin was in such a bad condition, flaky dry patches and I looked in one of those 10x magnification mirrors and almost died at the state of my pores.
I believed that all this cleanse, tone, moisturise rubbish was for the Debenhams counter types – and by that I mean the pretty preened ladies on the selling side. I didn’t need that with 2 kids now in tow did I?! Yes, I really did! I did not take photographic evidence but I can tell you now it was bad.
It was about this point I upped by monthly box intake (any excuse), you know, to try more things out. I started asking for advice on what to use for my Skin Type, finally learning that I have combination skin. I truly believed that all these words were just tools to get you spend £50 on a face cream that you never even needed! haha. Well ladies the truth is… I was wrong, I still haven’t figured it out and if you were like me then I suggest not buying the 10 x magnification mirror and just head to boots instead for some free samples to get it under control before you turn grey overnight like I did.
Joking aside. I saw this offer for a sample of skincare items and you only had to pay postage – £4.50. I am happier to do this than shell out a lot of money or feel pressurised by the pretty counter ladies (no offence). I always feel very intimidated. Yes, me, Intimidated.
I have been sampling these for the last few days. I would like to mention the fact I loved the cute and dainty packaging and the personalised letter included. Thats a good touch, I can’t imagine the owner really signed it herself though – she may have? If she did I feel extra special right now !!
The Scrub Up is an exfoliator. What felt like those nasty microbeads were actually jojoba peeling grains. Nice touch! I couldn’t tell the difference that they were a natural product if that makes sense. I suppose this is a good thing. The smell of this stuff though, it smells like a posh yoghurt from M&S… no we have no Waitrose up North, too common here to have those I am afraid. To buy this full size is £27.50 for 100ml. 
The Sweet Cheeks is a gentle non foaming face wash. Hmm ok I want to be fair here. I want to foam, I mean I love a foam face wash. I get my FOREO out and I make BUBBLES. I am such a child. So in that respect I wouldn’t buy this because it is a preference. That aside it is very gentle and again it smells good enough to eat. To buy this full size is £18 for 100ml.
The Balancing Act is a daily anti-ageing moisturiser to help improve dehydrated skin. I felt like I needed quite a lot of product on in comparison to my usual PIXI cream. I also felt like I needed something a little more intensive. I don’t think this is a bad product, just not suited to my skin type. I also don’t want to know I am getting old, I know its a selling point and all but I am 33, I would like it to say youth enhancing look 21 again in a bottle moisturiser. Sorry, that’s just me going off on a tangent again. To buy this full size is £31 for 50ml.
The Angel Eyes is an oil for your eye area. This is a new one for me, I like new. I have been using serums or creams. This interests me the most, it’s the biggest thing for me at the moment in terms of skincare. Can I find a suitable eye cream? no chance, and they do not give samples of eye creams which drives me insane. If you gave me a sample of an eye cream that works I will come back and buy enough to fill my car! I NEED to keep these creeping little black patches away for as long as possible. I actually quite like this product, it seems to seep right into the skin. I am going to continue using this and it may get re purchased! The full size bottle is £19.50 for 10ml and has a roller ball! I do like that straight away. I have long nails, you all know and so far I have to dip my bended finger into glass jars of eye cream, it is a tad annoying after a while if I’m honest.
There is a code included for 15% off my first order until 21st May – SPRING17
I highly recommend getting these samples to try for yourself if you are as curious as I am with regards to skincare and natural products. You haven’t got much to lose as £4.50 is not a large outlay. To do so here is the website ….
I hope you enjoyed my review!
Mel x

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