Vitsnap Review by Mel

I have very kindly been sent a Detox SnapPack to review from Vitsnap.
I must admit firstly that this is not something I have tried before, and to remain impartial I did not read anything about what I was taking before I started the 2 week supply.
It arrived in the post in a letterbox friendly box. Inside were 14 ‘SnapPacks’ each with the day of the week printed on top. I liked this idea straight away as I am so forgetful I write everything in my phone and have to diarise my entire life! People think I am super organised, sorry to disappoint you all but if you removed my phone and MacBook from me I would be sat there in a puddle of confusion! ha!
There was also a sample packet of Wonder Workshop Golden Mylk. I haven’t tried this yet, I dislike cinnamon though so its probably not for me. I will gift this I think.
I have ensured that I have taken the entire 2 week supply of these before writing a review. I then read up on each vitamin to see if I could match up any changes I have noticed.
I had the following 3:

  • Artichoke – good for cleansing the blood and detoxing the liver.
  • Dandelion – used as a digestive aid, detoxifying the liver and relieving stomach upsets.
  • Milk Thistle – used to help aid digestion and upset stomach.

I have to be very careful how I word this … stop laughing already! Yes my digestion has been more regular. I wondered if it was something I had been eating as I had not even read up on what the health benefits are of these vitamins. I can honestly say in that respect there is a change.
I don’t drink at all and haven’t for many years so as for detoxifying my liver I can’t imagine it needs too much, in fact it is probably crying out for me to test it a little as my social life since having kids went downhill!
The pricing for Vitsnap is:

  1. Fortnightly Subscription – £12.99
  2. One off Box (28 day supply) – £26.00
  3. 4 Month Subscription – 16 week prepay – £76.00

We have exclusive discount codes – 
Beautybox25 and Beautybox50 for 25% or 50% off your order though, making it a very good deal indeed.
My Verdict?
It is definitely convenient, and now I have realised what they are for I know that must be why. I am keen to see if my body reverts back to its previous pattern before deciding if this is definitely the case so I am going to re-visit this review and update you again on my progress… I promise not to be too detailed, haha!!
If you would like to look at all the other subscriptions they do, there are quite a few including ones to assist Skin, Immunity, Slimming and more then here are the links below ….
I hope you enjoyed my review
Mel x

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