The Natural Beauty Box Review April 2017

The Natural Beauty Box have very kindly sent me the April box to review. The focus of the company is providing a selection of 5-6 products from upcoming brands and lesser known artisans based around a new theme each month. All products are natural, vegan and cruelty free and the average box is worth around £50.
The box was delivered by Hermes just one day after dispatch, which was a very pleasant surprise. I opened the box to reveal my generously sized products delicately wrapped in purple tissue paper with a card revealing the theme for April as ‘Gold n Delicious’. There is no box within a box which I liked as I think it reflects the companies ethos.
I am personally not a fan of reviews that tell you what came in the box but don’t test the products themselves so I was very excited to shut myself away and indulge in an evening of pampering, after all the proof is in products!
First up was a nice relaxing bath with the Aromatherapy Ylang Ylang Bath bomb by Dreamybath (RRP £1.20). The bomb was packaged nicely and on opening was delicately fragranced with Ylang Ylang and rose. It dispersed relatively quickly leaving small rose petals in the water but I would have preferred some bubbles too.
Sandal season is fast approaching and I am definitely guilty of neglecting my feet during the cold winter months but upon opening the box the Lemongrass & Rosemary Renew Foot Scrub by Isla Apothecary (RRP 14 based on 120g jar) was probably the product I was most underwhelmed by… how wrong I was. Quite simply this is AMAZING!!  There is a strong scent of both lemon and rosemary, which is perfectly balanced, and not at all overpowering and the baobab, almond and rosemary oils left my feet feeling super soft and smooth. Full marks for this one, I will definitely be checking out the rest of the range.
I am prone to dry skin but I am reluctant to use body and facial oils as I dislike the greasy feel that often accompanies them, however, this box was holding a special treat – so special that it hasn’t even been launched yet and is exclusively available to The Natural Beauty Box at the time of its dispatch. Golden Body Oil by Fitzjohn Skincare (No RRP available currently) was another welcome surprise. The fragrance was rather woody and maybe even encroaching on being slightly masculine but again in a delicate and pleasant way. It has left my skin with a slight glow and feeling well moisturised without feeling greasy at all. I look forward to using this again.
I was most excited by the next product in the box, which was the Cucumber & Raspberry Superfoods Balm by Myroo Skincare (RRP £25 for 40g). This claims to be a multiuse product for dry or chapped skin, which largely consists of plant based ingredients. I used this on my elbows, knees and heels but found the smell rather unpleasant (no cucumber or raspberry) and the texture too greasy, which was disappointing. My first impressions were that I wouldn’t buy this product again but after further research I have discovered it can be used to tame eyebrows and as an overnight skin treat so I’m definitely going to try it again given the very generous size of the product.
Last but not least is the Mango Organic Lip Balm by Fruu (RRP £2.99). Lip balms are another thing that I can be a little fussy about – well no girl wants to walk around with sticky greasy lips do they? This was easy to apply and left my lips feeling soft and smooth but with a semi matte finish and no greasiness in sight. Given the small price tag this product is a bargain and I would definitely buy again to keep in my handbag at work to keep those dehydrated lips at bay.
So I am sure you have gathered that my favourite product from the box is the foot scrub and I will definitely buy this again in the near future. This is the exact reason why I love a subscription box; I love having the opportunity to try products that I wouldn’t usually choose for myself and the element of surprise. I also love a discount and the hidden perk of this box is it included two additional discount codes to redeem against future purchases of Myroo (10% off) and Fitzjohn Skincare products (£10 off).
The cost of The Natural Beauty Box is £24.95 per month, which can be paid as a subscription or a one off gift box. This includes free delivery and a 50p donation to charity. The estimated value of this particular box is £56.50.  I would love to purchase this box again but there are similar vegan and cruelty free boxes with a lower price tag – my personal budget for a beauty box is less than £20 as I like to experience a variety of products and will often purchase more than one box per month. However, if you’re passionate about natural, vegan and cruelty free products and fancy splashing the cash then this could well be the box for you!

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