#GirlCrush Review by Mel – April 2017

Before I start this review properly, I would like to personally thank all of my members for your support. Growing at a rate of 600 members a week has overwhelmed me. I hope that you can all see how seriously I take this. It is not just a hobby for me, it is a passion and a Love of all things Subscription Boxes.
I like to think you can all see how honest I am, and that it comes across in both my reviews and the running of the group.
This new box is something I have brimmed with excitement over. My initial contact with Sienna, the owner of #GirlCrush was on 22nd March. As most of you are aware, I used to Admin on another page before setting up my own group which has reached almost 2000 members in jus 22 Days. When I initially established a rapport it was during my time on the other group. Out of kindness and also professionalism I contacted them to let them know what had happened and that I was setting up alone with a new team. I had a massive response to the code ‘SWAPSHOPCRUSH’ which entitled you all to 30% off. This made the subscription cost £14 instead of £20.
There has been such a buzz over this new box, we saw some sneaky peeks on Instagram that were shared. People received Dresses and Leggings, some fabulous Beauty and Jewellery pieces too.
I have been HOUNDING the postman since I got the despatch email on Tuesday 18th. Mine finally arrived today (Friday 21st), I actually ran downstairs faster than I ever have! haha!
The package was in a plastic posting bag, inside was a gift bag with rope handles and tied with a black ribbon and a white rose. The slogan on the bag is ‘When you love what you have, you have everything you need’. I really like this…its different, clean, crisp.. something new. We all love our boxes, but I have a huge stash of them and am out of ideas for uses.
The first thing I noticed was the Brush Set by Brush perfect. I have scoured the internet for an RRP and cannot even find the product I am afraid. The little gift box is cute and they feel soft enough. I would guess at £8-£10 as a value.
The next item is Pure Smile teeth whitening & cleaning foam 50ml. This is an Australian brand and retails at $39 which equates to £22.97 at todays conversion rate. I am going to try this out of interest. Not something I would ever choose but still I am prepared to give it a go.
Next up is Amaki Japanese Tsubaki Anti-Aging Face Oil 30ml. This has a price tag of $25 (USD) that converts to £19.53. Whenever I see oil in a box I pull a face, only due to personal preference. I haven’t found one yet that I can get along with. This will go up for swap on our group.
The fourth item is Simply Argan – Argan night oil 15ml. This has a price tag of £19 and is a British made product. It doesn’t tell you anywhere on the bottle or box how to use it? I am going to guess at a couple of drops on your face at night? I am not sure. Again I can’t use oil so thats another one up for swap.
Next are a pack of 10 compliment cards by Erin Condren. These have a price tag of $5 which is £3.91. Not something I would ever buy or gift, can honestly say I will likely put these in a parcel for free when I swap something. Along with these is a Gift voucher for $25 off a $50 spend… but the shipping to the UK is $19.95!!! That is not a bargain and the prices on that website – wow! It is $15 for a simple notepad with no hard cover. That is gong in the recycling I’m afraid.
Next is a Slim Secrets Bare Bar – Salted Caramel & Banana 40g. These price at $42.95 AUD for a box of 12 which is £25.45 so its single value is £2.12. This is the furthest from being suited to me you could get, sorry not impressed at all.
The next 2 items are Jewellery by Elle Louise, an Australian brand. I had to look up the website. I have a layered chain necklace priced at $39 AUD (£22.97) and some ORB stud Earrings at $19 AUD (£11.19). I have never heard of the brand. I have to be honest, it feels very cheap and light and well … people pay this much for it? I am confused.
I have saved the best until last – A perspex cuff bracelet which has AJ stamped on the inside. I have scoured google and gave it 10 minutes too long of my time. It is about 2 inches too short to fit on my wrist… its just terrible, cheap, tacky and well … bin? Charity Shop? I can’t even give it an estimated price.
I total the box at £109.69, but I have been buying these things for a very long time now, this feels all a bit cheap. There is also no substance to it as a whole product it just doesn’t feel quite right. A bit mish mash and that they haven’t found their footing yet.
My Verdict? 
Very underwhelming. I mean the price of the items far exceed what I paid but it doesn’t fit me overall, it isn’t tailored to suit me either. I have unsubscribed, but I will keep an eye on this one. Some of the other boxes sent out were amazing as I have seen other photos shared. The custom they must have gotten from me sharing the code on both groups will be in the 3 figure region. My personal name was on the order too and where other companies have included a thank you note (I do not get paid for what I do), these did not. I awoke this morning to my group full of disappointed customers for #GirlCrush, It would be wrong of me to not express those thoughts in my Blog. I welcome feedback from you #GirlCrush. The group email is beautyboxswapshop@gmail.com as you know, I hope that you can turn this around in the future.
Thank you all for reading,
Mel xx


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