Chewymoon Box Review by Mel

I am always on the look out for new Subscription Boxes to try, and a free box usually sways me without persuasion.
One of our Group members mentioned this to me as a fellow mum. She commented on how friendly their service was too as she had already sampled them and then signed up after receiving her first box.
So I set about finding them on Facebook. I have two boys aged 2 and 9 and I always struggle to find new and unique snacks for them to avoid them asking for sweets all of the time. My youngest is at that age where he will rattle the child proofed cupboard door asking for them constantly. He has an excellent appetite, but he is too young to understand that you can’t have too many sweets. The terrible twos are present at the moment, no results in a tantrum and we are all only human and have a tendency to give in from time to time to avoid a headache haha.
From their Facebook page I found the link to their Website. I was very impressed, it was bright and colourful and easy to navigate. The ‘FIRST BOX FREE’ offer can be easily seen on the home page. The full price of the box is usually £4.99 per week.
They tailor the boxes by age and contents. The first selection is by age, there are 3 options:

  • Pre-Schoolers (3-5 years)
  • Middle Schoolers (6-9 years)
  • Preteens (10-12 years)

The reason for the age groups is so that the snacks are nutritionally balanced and appropriate to suit their growing needs.
The next 3 options are for what type of snacks you want included in your pack:

  • Fruit Box
  • Variety Box
  • Savoury Box

You can then also select if you want a nut free box, although they do state that none of their boxes are suitable for anyone with allergies.
I chose the variety option and nut free only as my eldest son doesn’t like them very much. I tailored this box to him as I was unsure if my 2 year old would be suited to it.
It arrived really quickly. I ordered on Thursday and it was here on the Saturday. It fit through my letterbox too which is an added bonus if you always miss the postman. I was very impressed with the packaging and the hand written name of my son, Joel on the box.
My 2 year old saw the Cherry Cola raisins and wasted no time in devouring these. They both LOVED the crazy crunch and the Strawberry drops too. In one day half of the box has been eaten, and that is only as I took it off them to save some for tomorrow! The comic strip and stacker are a lovely addition to the box and Joel has recently been doing Healthy eating challenges at School so he was reading the fact cards.
For £4.99 a box I think this is worth it. I know that you can buy some similar things from the supermarket, but I find the variety isn’t good and they aren’t cheap either. If this continues to offer variety and the kids enjoy them then I am more than happy to keep paying for this subscription. I am conscious of what I feed them, and this is a fun way to keep it fresh and exciting for them whilst at the same time avoiding unhealthy snacks.
If you would like to know more about Chewymoon then the links are below to their Facebook page and Website.
Thanks for reading..
Mel x

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