TOPPBOX Review by Mel – March 2017

Subscription Boxes for Men are an increasingly popular service. We all know how addicted we are to our monthly treats. From a mans perspective this also becomes a convenience. Most of them dislike shopping and will gladly allow us to maintain their toiletries whilst expecting us to have some sort of telepathic powers to know when they have run out.
My Bathroom is well stocked with my all of my lotions and potions, so it seems only fair I allow him a little space .. in fairness since I have been buying things he often asks me what they are for. I recently got him to revert to single razor shaving as I read that it was better for minimising irritation.
TOPPBOX very kindly offered me a box to review their service, and I must say I am a stickler for service and the first thing I noticed was how friendly Alham was. Our group also ran a competition where a 3 month subscription to their service was won by a member.
So what is inside the box?

  • ZEOS® For Men QU3 Face Wash – 150ml – £7.95
  • 2 x Temple Spa Stubble Trouble Soothing Shaving Gel (£5 each) 50ml each – £10 total
  • Mount Purious Organic Rosewater Facial Toner – 50ml – £5.99
  • Percy Nobleman Signature fragrance (50ml costs £37) sample size 1.5ml – value £1.11

Total Box Value = £25.05
A subscription to TOPPBOX costs £16 monthly, or £45 3 monthly, so going by the above contents, if you had bought this on a 3 month subscription then that is a saving of over £10!! Their service asks you questions on your grooming routine so that they can tailor the box to your needs.
The willing subject has now tested these items. He already uses his own face wash as he complains mine are too girly so this will get used up. We have never heard of this brand before so it is good to learn of new products. He said it was a very manly smell and his pores felt refreshed after using it.
He currently uses shaving soap with a traditional brush, he has not tried a gel before so this was a new product for him. Temple Spa are a brand that are known to me already. He said he was very impressed at how easy it was for the razor to glide over his face whilst shaving, and that he did not cut himself at all whilst using it. This is something he wants to buy again, so a thumbs up!
He has never used a facial toner before. He laughed and said ‘isn’t this a bit feminine?’ I explained what rosewater is used for and he said he never knew that. He used it post shave and commented it was very soothing on his skin. He has used it again since, we recently got home after travelling a 130 mile journey and he used it after washing to ‘refresh his skin’ as he put it. This must be a good sign, a change in the times.
The only item he has not yet used is the aftershave, but these are always great for traveling so you don’t have to take full size bottles.
I asked him if he would buy this service, he said yes definitely, but likely to be alternate months as he only shaves once a week or more for special occasions.
We have also been given an exclusive discount code – BBSS10 can be used at the checkout for 10% off your first box. This is only valid for the monthly subscription option.
If you would like to know more about TOPPBOX, there are links below to their Website and Facebook Page.. Thank you as always for reading, I hope you enjoyed my review….
Mel x


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