The Personal Barber Review by Mel – January 2017

My partner mentioned that he was interested in going back to razor shaving after years of using his electric one. So naturally he asked me to have a look around online to find him something suitable. He likes to be a little different and doesn’t really follow mainstream trends, so when I saw this I knew straight away he would love the idea.
The first thing that attracted me to this subscription was the Razor. Now I know that all us girls shave our legs and sometimes use our mans razor when we don’t have ours to hand…. but have any of you ever noticed that a wet shave at a proper barbers is a single blade? This is because it is known to cause less irritation to the skin and minimise the rash supposedly. The Personal Barber states the same theory on their site, 1 blade = a comfortable shave, less irritation and an enjoyable experience. They also guarantee the razor for the lifetime of ownership and say they will fix it if it breaks.
So, how does it work?
Pretty much the same way as all subscription boxes.
You can buy a one off box or a 3, 6, or 12 month purchases.
The one off box is £24.99 including free delivery
3 Month prepay – £74.85
6 Month prepay – £149.70
12 Month prepay – £299.40
Now I got 15% off by putting my email in the banner at the top of their website and so 1 month cost me £21.21 including delivery.  I am the type of person who likes to try first before committing to these things.
What was in the box?
The razor – THE PERSONAL BARBER engraved onto it.  It is heavy with a good solid handle and is easy to hold.
The shaving brush – it has TPB stamped onto the wooden handle.
The above two items are only included in the first box.

  • Mondial Green Tobacco Shaving Cream 75ml  (approx. retail value £12)
  • Hawkins and Brimble Pre-Shave Scrub 125ml (rrp £8.95)
  • Scaramouche and Fandango Hydrator 50ml (rrp £6)
  • Derby Premium Double-Edge Razor Blades x5 (last 4-7 shaves each rrp £1.75)
  • Astra Superior Platinum Double-Edge Razor Blades x5 (last 3-6 shaves each rrp £2.50)

Whilst I cannot put a price on the razor and brush, the rest of the contents value comes to a total of £31.20, so it is without a doubt a definite saving. If I was to guess at a box total value I would say £45, so I paid less than half price.
You can cancel at anytime by emailing them, I have cancelled but the look of the February box is already luring me back in, I have attached a pic below.
This is a fantastic gift idea, I emailed them to see if they wanted to offer any discounts for our page members to go along with my review and they replied with the following code, valid until Valentines Day 2017.
It shipped really fast and free, I ordered at a weekend and it arrived on the Tuesday!
BEAUTYBOXSHOP Gives you 20% off any multi month order.
Their own website gives you 15% off the first box.
My Verdict
My partner said he loved it and it gives a very smooth shave. It is highly likely we will place another order once he is low on blades. You can also pause the subscription in between if you find you have a stash of them to last you a while.
My opinion – Fab gift and efficient service. Since I can’t rate the products (unless my razor gets accidentally lost) in which case I may have to! Ha ha.


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