ROCCABOX Review by Mel – March 2017

ROCCABOX are a new box among the ever popular array of beauty subscription services. I felt that it was my duty to purchase this one, for research purposes, well that’s what I am convincing myself anyway – ha ha!
The one difference I noticed immediately is that these boxes are put together with the help of Bloggers. This can only be a positive move and shows real initiative that the company care about what people want, rather than just putting in whatever they can get. This box was collaborated with the help of The LDN Diaries.
I am going to be honest; I did ‘accidentally’ see some spoilers on this box when it was released, which is what persuaded me to try it out.
I contacted and spoke to the lovely Tia who set up the company, who offered our page to run a competition for a free box, which is very kind. A discount code for 10% off the first box was also issued for excusive use to our members.
I placed my order on the Friday, it was despatched on Monday and arrived on Tuesday. I was very pleased with this; it arrived via courier, which is even better for me as the post around here can be very slow.
My first impression of the box is that it was a very sleek and clean design, I have a feeling that the name of the box is a play on words from the owner of the company’s surname. That made me smile, its personal to her and she obviously has her heart in it.
The line up was promising for me, a couple of brands that I am already familiar with and a couple of new brands to try.
A good mix of skincare, haircare and makeup is always good. As you will know from previous reviews I have done, I tend to lean towards skin, hair and body items as makeup for me is something I have little time for and only tend to wear for occasions. That said I wanted a new primer, so this will be getting used and the only blender I own was a freebie from another box which got binned as I found It a bit useless and cheap feeling.
The nanshy blender feels like a quality item, so this will also be getting used. The Kevin Murphy hair oil is my favourite item in the box, I LOVE hair stuff. I wouldn’t have chosen this brand as I was unaware of the name, so its fab to get the chance to try something new.
The face oil will likely get gifted or swapped. I am not an oil person as my skin is combination and I like it to feel as clean and dry as possible. I will try it just in case though.
The only negative for me out of the whole box would be the Dr Lipp sample. I have heard of this brand, but its not a re sealable sample so I can’t pop it in my bag. I will get around to trying it at some point. I don’t mind samples but not a fan of sachets; I prefer deluxe samples that can be used a couple of times to get a feel for the item. Only a small niggle overall though.
Box Contents:

  • Kevin.Murphy Young. Again Hair Oil, Full size 100ml – RRP £30
  • Balance Me Radiance Face Oil, Travel size 10ml (full size 30ml £30) – Value £10
  • New CID Cosmetics i-prime mini 10ml – RRP £12.50
  • Nanshy Marvel 4-in-1 Makeup Sponge full size – RRP £5.95
  • Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips sample

Total box value = £58.45
That’s more than 5 times what I paid, so definitely value for money!
My Verdict
I will be continuing my subscription; I have high hopes for this box. Some of the other big names that offer a similar service to ROCCABOX have lately gone downhill in my opinion. I cancelled them a while back so it is very exciting to try a new box. I look forward to receiving my April box, keep up the good work ROCCABOX! ☺
For more information please visit their website –
Or their Facebook Page –

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