LoveLula Box Review by Mel – February 2017

So LoveLula have very kindly sent me one of their boxes to review. My first impression was that the items were well packaged. It was double boxed with easily recyclable packaging. I sensed that they have a strong focus on being environmentally friendly.
LoveLula’s main focus is that ALL of their products are completely natural beauty brands.
The cost of this box is £12.50 per month, which can be cancelled at any time with no tie in. You can also purchase 3 months at £37.50 or 1 year at £150 but this still brings the cost to £12.50 a month (no discount for a bulk purchase)
I feel that the price is very reasonable in comparison to other subscription boxes. The total value is more than three times that cost. I have broken this down as follows:
Total box value £37.90 – 4 full size items plus free sample

I have so far sampled the Micellar Water and the Body wash. The Micellar Water has a really light fragrance and leaves no residue on my skin. This is a huge thing for me, as I have always disliked the feeling of product on my skin. I tend to lean towards water based products with no oil. I will continue to use this and am likely to buy it again if it continues to agree with me.
The Greenfrog Body Wash was right up my alley. I am a huge fan of things I can use both in the bath and the shower. It smells gorgeous and is very thick. This is a brand I have never tried before so I would like to try some more of their items now that I know the quality is there.
Weleda Skin Food I have used before so I know that this is a brilliant item. I love the fact its perfect size for my handbag. This can be used anywhere on the face or body and I have also used this on my children as it is a natural product.
The Maggie Anne nail polish I will probably gift to a friend as I already have gel painted on my nails, this is a lifestyle choice due to being a mum of two boys, and they need to be super strength! But I can appreciate that by the look and feel of this that it is high quality.
I have never tried Ooh face oils before. I struggle with combination skin therefore I do not tend to use oils on my face, I need to take the oil away. I am going to try this though as you just never know. You don’t know until you try!
My Verdict
LoveLula definitely has value for money. The products are high quality and also affordable to make a repeat purchase if you really liked an item. I always lean towards skincare over makeup as a personal preference in subscription boxes, I was really interested to find that you could make a switch to completely natural products and still have the same quality.
Would I buy this myself? Yes, I definitely would.
For more information on this subscription box please visit their website:
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