Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club Review by Mel

This is not an item I have been sent to review, but I love our group and I feel the need to share a good offer when I find one.
Hotel Chocolat is high up on my favourite shops to visit list already. We often fill a goody bag of treats from them whenever we visit The Trafford Centre. We tend to buy their H Boxes; we especially love the desserts and puddings one… yum yum!
We were told about this quite a while ago whilst we re making an in store purchase. They gave us a leaflet to sign up for £16 off a first box, so when we returned home from our trip we placed our first order.
With the discount, our first box was only £6.95 including postage. They are a large box with a value of £22.95 so a definite bargain. You have the subscription monthly (recurring payment) and you choose which type of box you want. There are 5 options as follows:

  • Classic
  • High Cocoa
  • Mellow
  • Fortified
  • Rare & Vintage

Being the little bargain hunter that I am, I cancelled after the first month and then signed up under my partners name and got the same welcome offer again. A little sneaky, but we do spend a bit when we visit their stores so I don’t feel too guilty. We left it a couple of months after that and were still full from the amount we had been eating I think. They then sent me a letter in the post offering the same deal again. Well I can’t resist temptation at the best of times, never mind the Chocolate smelling kind!
So far we have tried the Mellow Box twice, the Classic Box and the Fortified.
What I can say is the latter on the list is VERY boozy, not for the part time drinkers!
Unfortunately I have a nut allergy, this is the only reason we have never continued the subscription. I have circled on the photos all of the items that contain nuts and it is HALF of the box. My poor man is left with them all and he says it can get a bit too nutty haha.
I just looked up their website to get the information on the welcome offer to share in this review, and they have put the price up to £9.95 for the first box. It is still a bargain so I felt compelled to write this for you all. If you follow the link below you can take advantage of it. I do not get any referral points or anything for sharing. You may be telling me off if you are on a health kick though, so I apologise in advance… oops!
My Verdict
It is a great offer, their chocolates are quality. If you like nuts then it’s a win/win. Alternatively you could buy it as a gift and then cancel? I believe you can also pause your subscription too if you just fancy a break from the calorie overload.
If you bring a nut free option Hotel Chocolat (if you are reading) then I will be queuing up for this, but otherwise I will see you on my Trafford Centre visits in the near future ☺
Thank you for reading….
Mel x

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