Feel Unique Pick N Mix Review by Mel

Feel Unique are a website I have used for some time before joining Beauty Box Swap Shop UK. They offer free delivery for orders of £15+ and regularly offer good discount codes. I had not previously known about their Pick ‘n’ Mix service though, this is something I have discovered since becoming a group member.
One thing I always explain to people about this is that it is technically FREE. Read on and you will discover why.
Once a month you can order 5 samples from their vast selection of items. These range from sachets, tubes, perfume vials, tubs and other random items such as a nail file or a bar of soap. One thing that is worth mentioning is that some of the sample sizes are large. I have had a fair few 50ml ones in the past; these tend to go really fast once stocked. If you look at the sample description, you will see that the photo has a tiny circle in the top left corner with a symbol. This will help you to know which sample type you are ordering (tube, sachet, vial, pot or other).
If you place an order on 16th of the month, you will not be able to place another sample order until the 17th day of the following month, then the 18th the month after and so on. You pay £3.95 P&P for your selection of 5 samples. Feel unique then REIMBURSE you this cost via email (a gift voucher code), this can then be redeemed against future orders on their website. The codes now have a 60 day expiry date and can only be used on the account from which you purchased the samples. This does however give you an amount of £7.90 off a future order. I am told that you can add the gift vouchers to your account to make them last longer than 60 days. I have included a screen shot below of how to do this. It is not something I have previously tried but I felt it is worth including in my review for you to try it yourselves.
I have had some amazing samples, Murad 30ml face exfoliators, Burt Bees 25ml cleanser and 25ml foot cream, a glass pot of hand cream, and lots more.
This month’s selection was one of my best yet. It included:
VICHY 3 in 1 one step cleansing Micellar solution 30ml
DARPHIN Intral Toner with chamomile for sensitive skin 50ml
VERSACE Yellow Diamond EDT 5ml
VERSACE Crystal Noir EDT 5ml
The 3 Versace perfumes are all small glass bottles, absolutely gorgeous and ideal for weekends away or to pop in your handbag. I have tried them all and love them. The Vichy and Darphin again are perfect travel size, and can you really complain at high end brands like this and they are FREE?!
I have heard a few tales of people having samples missing in their orders, this has only happened to me once. I do feel that they should put a substitute in rather than just sending out 4 items, that would be my only complaint really.
What I then do with the codes is I find some bits I want to order from their website and redeem my gift voucher codes. This month I ordered:
Maybelline The Blushed nudes Palette 9.6g – £6.65
NYX Professional Makeup HD Eyeshadow Base 8ml – £5.50
Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer 6.8ml Nude – £3.95
The two Maybelline items were already reduced so this was a further bargain. All 3 items amounted to £16.10. I applied my 2 x £3.95 gift voucher codes, this MUST be added as a gift voucher and NOT a discount code, and it is at the payment section when placing your order. My total was over £15 so free delivery, and after gift vouchers it cost me a grand total of £8.20!! Now that is a bargain!
I have done this before several times, I tend to try and wait for sales too and redeem my vouchers against items so that I get an even bigger bargain. I always ensure that the total before applying the vouchers comes to at least £15 so that I never pay postage.
Here is the link for Feel Unique Pick ‘n’ Mix https://www.feelunique.com/pick-n-mix/
My Verdict
Some really great samples to be found on here, my partner also has an account so we get two lots of samples per month. I hope Feel Unique extend the shelf life of their Gift Vouchers again as I know a lot of people saved them up for a larger purchase. You really cannot argue with free, a definite must buy for self confessed beauty addicts like myself or brilliant for those keen to try items without purchasing the full size product.

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